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The Punisher's cover is blown! Which means only one option - blow away all the bad guys!

Part 4 of 6

The Punisher is putting the information he overhears to good use. This issues opens with him blowing up a meth lab and killing everyone involved. Sal wakes up in the hospital but is groggy. The doctors are talking about him saying he'll probably be a vegetable. He can hear them but can't move or respond.

Mickey has a meeting with Julius and as usual Johnny (Punisher's alias) gets asked to leave. He meets up with Rosalie and they have some naked fun time in what appears to be a greenhouse. Meanwhile Julius subtly quizzes Mickey about his heritage. Mick manages to BS his way through it and Julius gets down to business. Apparently there are big things in store for the family.

Shotgun visits a man in prison looking for information. He has the guy look at some pictures to see if he recognizes anybody. The inmate remembers Frank Castle. A guy who killed a bunch of cons and did a breakout. Shotgun threatens him with death if he talks and then leaves.

Mickey is worried what Julius will do when he finds out he's Albanian and not Sicilian. The man Shotgun met with is being beaten for information. Just before dying the man gives up the info and tells the men the Punisher, Frank Castle, is Johnny Tower. Sal wakes up and escapes the hospital. Some men are meeting with Julius and he tells them soon they'll be on the island. After the men leave the guy behind the prison beating is seen meeting with Julius.

The Punisher returns to an apartment via the fire escape after a night of searching for information on the Europeans Julius has been dealing with. A group of guys are waiting and jump him. He curses himself for being an idiot as he tries to fight them off. After a few kicks and punches he crashes through a wall with a couple of them. Mickey is tied up and has been beaten in this room. Three shots to the back of the head and the Punisher is knocked unconscious.

He wakes up in a car chained to the seat and handcuffed through the steering wheel with a block of C-4 on the passenger seat. He gets the car started with 18:47 left on the timer. Luckily for him it's daylight and he looks around for a landmark. He realizes he's close to the garage. Micro will be at the garage and will defuse the bomb. He gets there and honks the horn. Hasn't spoken to Micro in weeks and there is no sign of him. Only 57 seconds left on the timer.



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57 Sec Till Death 0

Everything has been good so far for Frank. He got another Drug House, and then Gets real close to Rosalie. Things are looking great! This is true, until Shotgun asked an old friend who is in this photo.Sadly a guard helps this old friend tell him what Shotgun wanted. Now Andy brings the truth to Julius! After a fight, Frank wakes up.He somehow gets to Micro’s Garage and they end it with this!!I can’t believe they would do that to us! This Volume was crazy and the end it like this! With that type...

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