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Going undercover is tough work. Can the Punisher romance his way closer to his targets?

Part 3 of 6

This one opens with the Punisher as Johnny Tower about to torture some guy with a power sander as a group of guys watch. One of the guys from the group makes a move and Frank calmly backhands him. Mickey and Frank want information on the numbers hit that went down in the last issue. The Punisher was behind that so when the guy says he doesn't know anything, Frank believes him and lets him go. Afterwards in the car Punisher tells Mickey they're going to pin it on Julius' cousin, Sal.

A bunch of targets are lined up and explode in heavy gunfire. We see Shotgun with a HUGE weapon going to town on them. He explains to his weapons supplier that he needs crowd control and we see a smoldering picture of the Punisher on the ground by his feet.

Sal is on to Mickey and Johnny. Outside in the car they watch Sal leave and follow him. Sal leads them to a self storage complex in Jersey where he meets with a few Asians. Mickey tries to get some pictures of Sal talking with them. Frank bets Julius doesn't know about that and wants to ask Micro to do a search on the storage facility but he isn't answering his phone.

Frank goes back to the storage place as the Punisher. He throws a bag over a guys head and strangles him to make him cooperate. It works and the man takes him to a container filled with boxes of teddy bears that have drugs in them. The Punisher then makes the guy call his bosses to get them there.

Mickey and Johnny meet with Julius and Johnny is asked to go outside. He waits on a bench and Rosalie starts up a conversation. She talks about the man her father is basically making her marry and tells Johnny that he is more her type. He grabs her and kisses her. Inside Mickey breaks the false news to Julius that his bother is responsible for the inside job. Julius wants more than just pictures and they take him to the self storage facility where they have the Asians tied up and gagged in one of the containers. Julius wants to talk to one of them and the man says they are working with his brother. Julius orders the men killed and the place torched. Then he asks Johnny to kill his brother.

Johnny and Mickey surprise Sal and two of his men as they leave a restaurant. They shoot up Sal with drugs and throw him in the car. Sal wakes up and escapes after elbowing Mickey in the face. He tumbles down a snowy hill and runs out on a frozen lake bed. The ice cracks and he falls through. Frank and Mickey rush to get a better view and take pictures of a dead Sal trapped under the ice. The very next page shows Sal being rescued and driven away in an ambulance.

Back at Julius' mansion, Rosalie is checking out dresses for her wedding and doesn't like any of them. Her and Julius talk and we see a photograph of a dead Sal trapped under the ice on the mantle.



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Frank and Mickey are looking for anything to help move the plan forward. They get lucky while trailing Sal. They see him with the Asian Mob. Now he has to find out why? The Punisher comes and finds what Sal was trying to hind, Drugs!He sets the place up just right and has Julius come to see what his brother is doing. Julius gives them the order to remove Sal.Frank and Mickey go pick up Sal and take him for a ride.This is a key moment in War Zone. This is the Origin of Thorn. It seems that Frank ...

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