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Punisher's undercover mission starts to bear fruit as he's able to cross off more names on his hitlist! Plus, motorcycle chases and bullets galore!

Part 2 of 6

The Punisher is in with the Carbone's posing as Johnny Tower, Mickey's cousin. They have a few guys with them getting ready to hit a produce guy looking to move in on the Carbone's. Punisher suggests they make an example of them. He pulls out a grenade from a bag of them and they start their assault on the food center. It's a massacre. Frank finds the guy running the operation, breaks his neck and then destroys a room full of files that would be useful to the Carbones. Why do them any favors. After finishing up with that the Punisher kills all of the men they brought with them.

Julius is happy with the way things went even though his nephew was killed. He gives Mickey and Frank a numbers drop to run. It's in his brother, Sal's, territory so they check with him and he's ok with it. Julius' daughter, Rosalie comes in and complains about her wedding. She inquires about Mickey's cousins name and Julius tells her it's Johnny. She eyes him as her father escorts her out.

Shotgun meets with someone he knows now that he's back in the states. The man gives him weapons and a folder with new targets. The man tells him a little about the various mafias and Europeans. We see Frank and Mickey's picture among the others.

The Punisher calls Micro for some background information but he still hasn't come back (see War Zone #1). Frank leaves a message and Punisher suits up. We see him on a motorcycle with sound supressing mufflers as well as a suppressed sub-machine gun outside of a building. Using his helmet to keep his alias safe, he kills everyone on the first floor quick and quiet then rides his bike up the stairs looking for his real target. He kills the few guys upstairs and grabs the cash lying around. Someone called 911 but he's planned for that. He crashes through an upstairs window and rides on a few rooftops explaining the money will go towards more weapons.

Sal is angry about their losses and tries to blame Mickey and Johnny since it was the operation they were just assigned. Julius gets angry at him and points out that they haven't even been there yet. Julius wants Mickey and Johnny to find out who did it and Sal calls him crazy. Julius has them leave so he can talk to Sal in private. Mickey and Frank walk outside and Frank notices Rosalie standing in a window barley covering herself with a towel, staring at him.



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Johnny Tower, The Punisher 0

Without skipping a beat, Dixon starts this one out hot! The Punisher is now working for the Carbone Family undercover. He is known as Johnny Tower. Him and Mickey go on a job to attack another family’s warehouse. When they get back, Julius is happy they did alright. Sal isn’t and doesn’t trust Johnny. Then the next big Carbone walks into the room.Rosalie Carbone is Julius’s Daughter and she falls in love with Johnny.Later we find out what Shotgun is doing in this comic.That night Frank goes out ...

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