tsakura's The Punisher: War Zone #18 - The Jericho Syndrome: Part 2 review

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Lucky Snipe

Frank, Jack, and Micro start their Plan. They want to take down the Architect and stop him from killing people. After thing is going great until someone stats to shot at Frank! Then everything goes wrong! The three of them dash to save the Bridge! They do and go after follow them.

Nothing seems to happen for a while. Then the worst thing starts to unravel. They are going to Jack’s Hometown to settle the score with Jack!

This has one of the best sniper shots I’ve seen Frank do! He picks off a small devise while the bridge is shacking, and he is hanging from a rope! Man, it was awesome! This Architect guy is smart! Sad that they have to be Evil. One more part to read, Can’t wait! It’s getting good!


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