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Frank Castle's war on crime as the Punishers turns the Marvel Universe into a warzone! Who is Shotgun and can the Punisher really go undercover to take down a big target?

Part 1 of 6

The issue opens in the midst of a stand off. A police officer has been shot and his female partner is used as a human shield by a crazed snitch of the Punisher. The Punisher shoots the man nicking the woman in the arm. She checks on the other officer and the Punisher walks over to his snitch and executes him. As the Punisher moves to leave she tries to arrest him. He tells her to do what she thinks is right and walks away. She makes no effort to stop him and later refuses to give a comment to the press.

Frank is washing up in his Brooklyn safe house as his partner, Micro, questions him on how things went down. Frank snaps at him and Micro storms out. Micro has been taking off a couple nights a week and Frank is suspicious so he follows him. He tails him to a building and spies on a rooftop across the street. Micro meets with a man and talks with him. When Micro gets back to the garage (their safe house) Frank interrogates him. Micro tells him he's been seeing a shrink because he is still having trouble dealing with the death of his son. Frank's only concern is if he talks to him about the Punisher. Micro gets angry and leaves.

An injured Columbian man meets with his superiors and explains a recent massacre to them. He goes on to tell them it was just one man who murdered a hundred commandos. Just as the man is about to be executed Shotgun blows them all away.

The Punisher wakes up and Micro still hasn't come back. A while later he intercepts a robbery of one of the money launderers the Triads use. He kills all of them save for one. He takes that one back to the garage and hangs him upside down. The Punisher wants to know all about the people the man, Mickey, works for. Mickey refuses to give up any information. The Punisher tortures it out of him with a popsicle, a slab of meat and a blow torch (you have to see it).

Later that night Mickey gets a call from his bosses about recruiting and asks if he knows anyone. Mickey tells him he does and the next day he introduces them to his "cousin", from Kansas City, Johnny Tower who is really the Punisher undercover.



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A Blowtorch, Some Meat, and a Popsicle 0

For a first volume, this is very well written! They give us the right amount to pull us in and then end it just the same. You want to know what will happen next! I think they choose the right Writer for the first story of War Zone. Chuck Dixon know how to start the Punisher off perfectly!I also found the Cover to be really cool. It helps pull your eyes to it.We start off with The Punisher saving a Cop from a bust gone wrong or something. Later We get to see Micro. Him and Frank get into a fight ...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

Wow just Wow 0

I was obsessed over this series, I mean this is one of my favorite punisher series and anyone who has this comic know that the cover is awesome. Basically it is a popup flip cover it is great. This is actually what the movies were based off of. I recommend it if you can get it....

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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