The Punisher #4

    The Punisher » The Punisher #4 - Purgatory, Part 4: The Hour Of Judgement released by Marvel Knights on February 1999.

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    The final battle between Heaven and Hell is waged! Olivier and his demonic horde give Punisher and his angel allies a holy crusade they'll never forget!

    The demon Olivier holds Frank Castle (the Punisher) and the fallen angel Gadriel prisoner in his lair on the top floor of the Flatiron Building in New York. Olivier tells Frank he set up the events that led to the deaths of his wife and children in order to set Castle upon a bloody path of vengeance from which the demon would draw power.

    The Punisher had killed Frank Costa, the crime family boss who served as the guise for Olivia's earthly form. Upon his descent into hell, Olivier returned to his demonic form, as he had planned. Gadreel shirked his duties as Castle's family's guardian angel, and later, had abandoned Frank as well. Eventually, demons in Olivia's thrall urged Frank to shoot himself. In an effort to redeem himself, and Frank, Gadriel resurrected Castle.

    In a blind fury, the Punisher breaks free from his bonds, and materializes his spectral firearms, tearing into Olivier and his stalkers. Freed, and inspired by Frank's actions,Gadriel joins the fray, fighting Olivia, while Castle grapples with Bruno, the demon who had been Frank's brother. The clash of their weapons opens a portal to a nether realm, from which monstrous tentacles emerge, grasping Olivier and tearing him apart. In his final Act of redemption, Gadriel takes up a heavenly sword flies into the portal, which then collapses, consuming the demons. Upon witnessing Gadriel's self-sacrifice, Castle forgives him.

    Outside the Flatiron Building, Daimon Hellstrom and Dr. Strange discuss the events they just observed. Elsewhere, the newly-empowered Lucy Mellace, Frank's childhood friend, calls the police about her abusive husband.

    Soon, the Punisher resumes his war on crime, armed with his ghostly guns.



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    Ordinarily, I'm not a reader of the Punisher. My reason for picking up this mini-series is that Daimon Hellstrom, who makes a cameo in this issue, is a character whose appearances I collect. I don't dislike the Punisher, I'm just not a fan.This started as an offbeat, but somewhat intriguing premise for the return of the Punisher. I like many comics with a supernatural bent, so I approached this book with curiosity as to how this would be merged with the Punisher's street-level nature.By issue 3...

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