The Punisher #2

    The Punisher » The Punisher #2 - Purgatory, Part 2: The Mark Of Cain released by Marvel Knights on December 1998.

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    Punisher battles the angel who failed to protect his family the day there were killed. A demon born into mob family bathing in blood is plotting the conquest of hell. The Punisher is fighting demons alongside the Son of Satan and wondering if the angels have told him nothing but lies, the second issue of Punisher purgatory takes Frank on an adventure he has never had before.

    In a New York dive bar frequented by supernatural beings, the fallen grigori Gadriel is attacked by the Punisher, angered by the revelation that this was the guardian angel who failed to protect his family. The two battle until the angel senses Daimon Hellstrom (Hellstorm) is in trouble nearby and flies off to help him. Frank follows, finding the Son of Satan and Gadriel about to be destroyed by demons, the minions of Olivier, the fallen Prince of Archangels. The Punisher is forced to save them to get the answers he so desperately seeks.

    The trio turn back the demons, and Punisher chases after them. Hellstorm summons his infernal chariot, intent on returning to his own realm to protect it from Olivier. Before he departs, however, he warns Gadriel that it would be better for him if he reveals a truth he's hiding from Castle, before Castle learns it from the demons.

    Meanwhile, in his lair in a mystical nexus located in the top of the Flatiron Building, Olivier plots his revenge against the Lords of Hell who cast him out. He assembles his forces to assault the different realms in Hell to punish those who have wronged him. When he learns that Frank Castle is alive, the news angers him greatly and he tortures his minions who failed him.

    Elsewhere, Lucy Mellace's husband recovers in a hospital from the beating he got from Castle. He blames her for what happened, but she ignores him. Looking out the window, she wonders what has happened to Frank, whom she remembers from her childhood.

    Later, Gadriel captures one of the demons that attacked him, but can’t get him to talk. Castle questions the demon who reveals that its human existence was ended by the Punisher. Gadriel then destroys the demon before it can say any more, leaving Frank wondering just how all this insanity is linked to him, and if Gadriel has told him nothing but lies for his own agenda.



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    Ordinarily, I'm not a reader of the Punisher. My reason for picking up this mini-series is that Daimon Hellstrom, who makes a cameo in this issue, is a character whose appearances I collect. I don't dislike the Punisher, I'm just not a fan.This continues the offbeat, but somewhat intriguing premise for the return of the Punisher. But the jury's still out as to how well this marriage will work.The writing was adequate, but the art was disappointing, as Bernie Wrightson's usually brilliant pencils...

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