The Punisher: MAX #9

    The Punisher: MAX » The Punisher: MAX #9 - Long Cold Dark released by Marvel on January 1, 2008.

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    The Punisher fights Barreacuda in a deadly showdown.


    When the Punisher hears that there is going to be a meeting with the Italian Mafia he infuriates the building planning to kill them. He soon discover that the meeting was actually called by Barracuda, who wanted to lure Frank out. In a battle Barracuda manages to defeat Frank, takes him to a new location, and ties him up. He then reveals that while looking for him he discovers that Kathryn O'Brien had his child. He brings the child out, a little girl, and threatens her in front of Frank. Frank breaks free and fights. He wakes up in a hospital bed, not remembering the fight. He had fractures and a collapsed lung.

    Frank tells the police officers at the hospital that Barracuda was coming for him and what he was capable of. The cops didn't believe it. The doctor does belive him and helps him escape because he does not want a fight to insure in his hospital. When he gets out, Frank informs news outlets of his escape so Barracuda will know. Back at one of his safe houses Frank learns that his daughters name is Sarah. The Punisher knows that his only way to make contact with Barracuda would be O'Brien's sister. Frank follows her in a mall and drops a phone with a note in it to call him. She calls him and they devise a plan for her to need to get out of town for a while. She does it.

    After the cops watching the area leave, Frank goes in and shortly after Barracuda does as well. They fight and Frank defeats him. Frank uses jumper cables to connect a car battery to Barracuda's testicles and tortures him for a hour before finally getting the location of his daughter from him. He then surveys the car his daughter was in and takes her but Barracuda wakes up and attacks again. The Punisher manages to get away and escapes to the nearby woods, but Barracuda follows. Frank attacks him with a axe cutting off one of his arms. He then knocks him down and shoots Barracuda in the head with a shotgun, decapitating him.

    After spending the day with his daughter, Frank returns her to O'Brien's sister. He tells her to never tell her who her real father is.



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    Punisher vs. Barracuda: The final bloodbath. 0

    The menacing mountain of muscle with a bad attitude named Barracuda has done what so many others have not been able to do, and that's survive a brutal confrontation with the Punisher. Barracuda returns with vengeance on his mind, and this time the scales are tipped heavily in his favor as he prepares for what he feels to be the final confrontation with the Punisher. -summaryBarracuda made his first appearance in Punisher MAX volume 6 as an enemy who appeared to be every bit as unstoppable as the...

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