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A plutonium sale could spell absolute disaster for Times Square, as Punisher races against the clock to neutralize a terrorist plot between ex-CIA and a pair of radicals.

The Punisher is in the middle of a land fill in Jersey. When two rival mobs come to settle their differences he is caught in the middle. Frank is cornered by one of the mobsters, but he tells Frank that there will be a attack on the liberty bell in exchange for being set free. The two gangs tear into each other, allowing Castle to retreat back to his safe house.

The Punisher then goes to Microchip where he learns that the man selling plutonium was a former CIA agent. Frank then reports the terrorist attack to the feds. When Castle gets back to his warehouse there is a woman named Wild Rose waiting for him. She is a Isreal agent and she asks Frank for help taking down the Arabs he fought before. She tells him that the leader of the terrorist group is a man named Ahmed and that she can't go to the goverment because it would be a embarrassment to her country. Castle agrees to help her. They go to the liberty bell, but no attack happens.

The Punisher and Rose head north to the base of the man that told Frank about the attack on the liberty bell. They take out the guard dogs with tranquilizer darts. When they talk to the mobsters Castle realizes that Ahmed will be using a boom crane to spread plutonium over a theater.

When they arrive at the theater they are attacked but they flank their enemy and defeat them. Castle is distracted by attacker as Rose goes for Ahmed. Castle goes up to Ahmed and distracts him while Rose shoots him in the back. He then picks her up and throws her off the crane as Castle rushes towards them but not arriving in time to save her. The Punisher tackles Ahmed off of the crane and he falls to his death as well.



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ANOTHER retro review? WHAT?! 0

Yep, it's about that time again, and it's another issue from my birthday list, and this time out, it's The Punisher. This is pretty much a stand-alone issue, which I guess was pretty common in these days, since the life expectancy of Punisher villains is always pretty low. But we start the book with your usual Punisher shootout, and when he gets home, he finds that he's been infiltrated by Wild Rose, an Israili secret agent tracking muslim extremists. They work together to work out their plot, w...

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