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Frank likes being forever alone.

Review for Punisher #5.

Story: It's Thanksgiving and everybody is spending it in their own way. Frank is alone with a little kid finding him, Rachel and Norah are drinking at a pub, Oscar spends it with his dog and Walter has a pretty big extended family.

Thoughts: Using Thanksgiving as a framing device is a great way to show Frank's loneliness. This is a holiday that emphasises on being together with loved ones, be it friends, family or just being with people. But Frank is a man with a very strong drive and doesn't need other people, it's not that he drives away people on his own right but pushes them away because he is a dangerous person and he doesn't want anybody to get hurt. Seeing as how this issue takes place 100 days after the last issue we have Rachel going trough physical therapy and she seems to have developed a relationship with Norah and it's fantastic how she pushes herself, she has gone through hell and she doesn't want to stop, it seems like she doesn't want to stop and think about the horror she went trough. Checchetto's art continues to give us fantastic art that shows us that he can do gritty but pretty clean stuff. Also a bit off a word balloon problem, Walter says and his girlfriends word balloons are reversed.

Verdict: Another solid issue that shows us a very important side of Frank character. He is a man alone and people are driven away from him and he doesn't even try. This is a buy.

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Posted By The Mighty Monarch

UGH. I need to catch up in this series. I have up to issues 6 except for 3 XP

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