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Noir Rain

That cover.... is so damn badass...

You know, I'm starting to picture the two recurring cops as almost younger versions of Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt from the movie Se7en. Am I crazy for that? I like it though.

Hmmm.... I need to go reread the rest of the series, I can't remember if Norah was the reporter before. I also don't know if I recognized her as her back then. The whole thing with her and Urich, and her becoming kind of a 'dangerous girl' happened in Spider-Island, so I can see other readers being confused. But maybe I'm remembering wrong.

Ha! I keep forgetting that The Punisher is actually IN this series. It's weirdly enough a good thing, because it makes the whole series more unique and unexpected. Sometimes it spends so much time letting you lose yourself in the world around the Punisher, you forget to expect him when he shows up at normally obvious moments.

Oh right, this cover is badass because it's done by regular interior artist Marco Checchetto. His stuff is INTENSELY moody. Like if Film Noir had come into existence in the present day. It has the tone of Film Noir, but different shades of color and.... you know what? It's got a mood kind of like Se7en. Oh m god though, can, like, every single scene in this series be set in the rain from now on please? Checchetto NAILS rain like no other.

Words can't even begin to describe the final scenes of this issue. Rucka himself barely bothers trying, he knows that sometimes everything speaks for itself. The simple fist fight behind a bar is really a conflict of such furious intensity... and then when everything is let go, and Frank shows us his soul... And we see just what kind of man Frank Castle is, and in a way if you tie this issue with the previous one the metaphors work on extraordinary levels.

In Conclusion: 5/5

This was just incredible. The emotional content was just so extreme, so intense, and impressively done with so little dialogue. It takes MORE talent to write less than it does more, as long as you can say this much.

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