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Punisher's Best.

Garth Ennis is the friggin' man to bring us stories about war, special operations combat and military action. That's what this punisher is about, F*CKIN' WAR... Ennis gives us a detailed description of the character for the people who hasn't read Punisher before, entenring in the tormented psique of Frank Castle as he assumes the mantle of the Punisher and becomes the most fierce Vigilante to fight crime in the streets... Who doesn't dream to have at least the half of Punisher's Arsenal!? If you say I HAVEN'T Then STOP reading this review, this is only for action junkies and those who like to see blazing weapons in the middle of the night!

I'm actually in the 11th Issue, and lemme tell ya, Ennis doesn't decrease the rhythm, on the contrary, he improves, and every issue that i read, gets pretty interesting!

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