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Garth Ennis finally lets loose to take Punisher to the MAX -- literally -- as the hunter becomes the hunted! No more pulled punches, no more dialing it down.

Summary (SPOILERS!)

View of a Tombstone. Reading (Maria Elizabeth Castle 1948-1976, Lisa Castle 1967-1976, Frank David Castle 1971-1976) Frank stands in front of the tombstone recounting what happen that day, starting the flash back with the line

Flashback"They hated that old man so much they shot him through his family. The world went crazy on a summers day in central part in a time before Uzis and Berretta's. Before nine millimeter popguns ruled the streets. It was a thompson (Tommy-Gun) like our fathers carried, i recognized its rattle even before its big man stopping forty-fives punched blood and breath from my lungs. I dropped beside my daughter, gunshot badly and when she realized what had happen and saw her little insides her face was not that of a little girl." Image of Daughter screaming "My wife later bled out on the table, her heart a gaping hole the life drained from it. Whenever I get careless, that yearning in her eyes creeps up and brings me to my knees. Right then the old mans soldiers started shooting back. My son dropped wordlessly without a mark on him. I took a deep breath that cut like glass spat blood an ran to pick him up searching in vain to find point of entry wounds. Image of son dead in his arms blood and guts in Franks hand " The bullet entered through his open mouth....that was our day at the picnic"

Frank walking away from the tombstone and through the city streets finally coming to his basement "And Now every night I go out and make the world sane." Holding a large automatic gun

Two cops watch as Frank walks out of the apartment. Their names are Roth and O'brian, discussing about what weapons he just put in his trunk And whether if they should go in an take him in. Their boss already previously telling them to stand put and just watch. O'brian makes a statement about wondering what Frank has in his pants this statement surprising Roth somehow and she tells him. Finally their team gets a fix on Frank and they go back to the station to watch on a television screen.

Images of a large beautiful mansion guests arriving and walking into the mansion. Its The Dons one hundredth birthday and all of his family decided to throw him a birthday party even though the man only waits for death. Frank appears in the vegetation cleaning off a knife a gutted dog lie in front of him and he grins thinking "All those wiseguys All in one place." He states the snipers an shooters protecting the party from afar have been dealt with and makes his way towards the mansion.

Ten minutes later after a bit of prep the party goes on. Everyone saluting the Don and suddenly Frank bursts open the front door and stares the old man down "Massimo Cesare, I'm here to kill you." Someone attempts to stop Frank but he his gun is in his hand in seconds and the gun fires. The back of the Don's skull bursts open and he slumps open. A attendee screams at Frank, who only walks slowly outside saying to himself " Couple of seconds for shock" Image of party goers screaming in shock. "Couple of seconds for them to get pissed." The people inside begin to scream slurs at Frank"Few more moments for them all to get outside, Thats all I'm going to need." The men inside come screaming out side dozens of them "You killed a hundred fucking year old man!" they scream...And Frank lays the gun on the tiny wall on the garden and lets loose. Bodies fall left an right, heads explode bodies torn apart and guts hang from still living bodies. As he lays waste to the mafioso goons he thinks to himself " Its Omaha Beach,wounded knee, Rorkes Drift the killing fields, the first day on Somme. World War Three in New Jersey, and only now pouring automatic fire into human walls do I finally feel at peace."

A woman inside screams "He's killing them out there" As more and more goons fall. Soon they get smart, Frank remarks that "Someones been watching War movies." One of the goons gets an idea and tries to flank Frank by jumping into the water, but too no avail the hail of gunfire rips through the water and the people inside it. Some take to the bushes for cover but Frank has that covered too remarking that none of them have any brains and are like children in the dark An explosion erupts in the bushes and bodies fly. Frank pulls the gun off the wall and puts in a fresh belt and walks through the bodies firing into the mass of bodies making absolutely sure that everyone's dead and wont be getting back up.

The two cops plus another cringe at the site of Franks massacre and that he is able to just walk away from the bloodshed unscathed. The main man of the group comments on if the "Fat fucker" is done and that the man in question said he could take Frank down. Walking into the next room the man in question is revealed, Microchip tells the man in charge didn't need to see what Frank could do that they have miles upon miles of files on him. Micro tells the man "Tell Roth yes. I can handle Frank." The man asks Soon? and Micro agrees stating that he knows how he operates and that when the time comes he can put him down like a rabid dog because "I'm his only friend in the world." Lightning strikes outside.



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Punisher's Best. 0

Garth Ennis is the friggin' man to bring us stories about war, special operations combat and military action. That's what this punisher is about, F*CKIN' WAR... Ennis gives us a detailed description of the character for the people who hasn't read Punisher before, entenring in the tormented psique of Frank Castle as he assumes the mantle of the Punisher and becomes the most fierce Vigilante to fight crime in the streets... Who doesn't dream to have at least the half of Punisher's Arsenal!? If you...

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