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Buck Caine was one of the earliest experiments by Doctor Shocc at creating a super human, his mother had agreed to allow genetic manipulation of her unborn fetus whilst it was in the womb.

The experiments were a resounding success, giving Buck a variety of different superpowers and abilities, he was unveiled to the general public and held up as role model for everyone to aspire to.

After some time he was sent off to explore space, during his time away war broke out and his story and fame was used to inspire young soldiers to undergo their own genetic enhancements.


The Public Spirit was created by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neil for their creator owned comic, Marshal Law, which was initially published by Marvel's adult imprint Epic Comics.

Major Story Arcs

Fear and Loathing

After returning from his trips in outer space The Public Spirit came home to much fanfare, but a select few felt that he had been reckless and irresponsible as a role model, glorifying blind patriotism, war and genetic manipulation to the extent that he should be held partially responsible for all the soldiers who had died during the course of the war, as well as those driven crazy by the experiments done to them.

It was also discovered that The Public Spirit did in fact also have some skeleton's in his closet, underneath his jovial exterior as a crusader of justice he was, in fact, a selfish, self absorbed, and dangerous man, a man who had years previously attempted to murder his pregnant girlfriend due to the belief that the birth of a love-child could negatively affect his career.

His ex-girlfriend and their son eventually came back for revenge, this time The Public Spirit made sure he would not make the same mistake twice, and beat her to death with his bare hands.

Martial Law eventually caught up with him, and after a long fight the Public Spirit was executed by a government sniper, the higher ups had come to the conclusion that he had become a liability.


The Public Spirit is an analogue of Superman, and as such has a similar repertoire of abilities


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