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Early Life

Leo Kragg (born Leon Cragstein, in 1909, on New York' Lower East Side), was a trepreneurial pioneer in film history, who helped bring a measure of artistic respectability to Hollywood's struggling Poverty Row production bloc. A former labourer with a amazing gift for investment stragegy, Kragg found a niche while barley into his twenties on the moribund Wall Street but exhibited the sense to get out with the seed of a modest fortune intact, shortly before the market crashed in the Great Depression of the 30's.

While maintaining a Manhattan base of diversifed operations, kragg bought heavily of prolific movie companies. Kragg seldom endeavoured directly to influence the output of these studios- which carted mainly to the matinee Western and mystery/horror trade- but developed the tatics of occasionally channeling revenues from his crew's most sucessful cheap movies into productions geared to the tastes of more discriminating audiences.

List Of Kragg's Movies

Shadow of The Zombie-1933

  • A Room with a View-1935
  • The Dunwich Horror-1936

    Curse of the Dutchman's Broadaxe-1940

    The Death Kiss-1942


Angered by callous treatment at the hands of stock-market predators, Leo vengefully rechanneled his intimacy with sensitive corporate intelligance to the aid of the labor movement. After a label-hungry press pronounced his secret raids the work of a PROWLER, Leo assumed that title, masking his face with a dark ski mask and taking up a pair of 45's following a set to with hired industrial thugs. An avenger of justice-bent outlawry through the 30's, The Prowler found himself fighting crime, battling Nazis, cults, and even vampires and zombies. Then around WWII, The Prowler disappeared from the public eye.

Later Years

Resentful of forced retirement, Leo aged in embittered solitude mances of the present day provoked him to once again don the mask and coat of The Prowler- and to draft a young apprentice named Scott Kida



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