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    Character » The Profile appears in 26 issues.

    A slimy informant of Moon Knight. He has the ability to see the answers to what people want. He often uses them to his own personal gain and is forced to answers questions for Moon Knight.

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    The Profile first appeared working for the New Committee. The Profile tried to help the Committee turn Moon Knight into an assassin for them, but one of their members screwed up, and they were forced to use Taskmaster. The Profile was later somehow found by Moon Knight, and forced to help him find Midnight, who had been going on a killing spree.
    Recently, Norman Osborn has been using the Profile to help him work out how to stop Moon Knight.  After Dark Reign Profile escaped, and continued a life of crime.  The Kingpin hired Profile to distract Moon Knight so he could send Lady Bullseye to destroy Daredevil's control over the Hand


    According to The Profile, he is able to observe someone and reduce them to data in his mind. With that data, he can reconstruct their past in minute detail, determine character traits, as well as predict their future actions accurately (beyond the ninetieth percentile). This manifests either pictures scrawled around the person he is "profiling", or words floating around them which describe the person's personality. The Profile appears to not be immune to his own power, as Marc Spector threatened to make him look in a mirror if he didn't listen to him, and the Profile begged him not to.
    The Profile's power works on almost anyone, whether they are a normal human, superhero, or villain. However, he has mentioned that his power doesn't work on supernaturals, since cross-dimensional beings affect them, which apparently affect his powers. When he saw Moon Knight in his costume, he vomited (presumably from nausea and head aches), whereas when he saw him as Marc Spector he simply saw him as he normally sees people. He has also mentioned that he may be a mutant.


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