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Created by artist and writer Garth Ennis for a one-shot idea, the Pro is loosely based on the imagery of Power Girl when in super-hero mode.


The Good Life
The Good Life

When she was seventeen and a half, the Pro had an affair with her guidance counselor, and was impregnated with his child. Her parents then promptly kicked her out of their home. She was forced to take a waitressing job at Denny's, and become a prostitute in order to support herself and her child. One night, the Pro is given super-human abilities as she sleeps by a mysterious extra-terrestrial known the Viewer. The Viewer accepts a bet that the woman that they are viewing can become a super heroine, the woman being the Pro.

Story Arcs

League of Honor

The next morning, the Pro is stunned to discover that she possesses flight and enhanced strength, and is immediately approached by the League of Honor. The team consists of the Saint, the Knight, the Squire, the Lady, the Lime, and Speedo. They offer to have her join their ranks to fight the city's criminal element, but she wants no part of it, until she learns that she will be paid for her time. She aids them in fighting against the villainous team, the Grammatical Gang of Grimness, and during this fight, The Pro urinates on the face of the Noun. After this the League discusses the issues that they have with her, the main issues being her swearing and the urinating. The League does not feel she conducts herself in the proper manner of a super hero.


The Pro later returns to visit a John that ripped her off, and attempted to shoot her with a pistol. Now empowered, she tracks him down and has every single prostitute that he has ripped off take their revenge on him. That same John later finds out, where she lives, and holds her baby hostage. The Pro is helpless to do anything, however help arrives just in time.

A New Destiny?

The League Of Honor
The League Of Honor

The Pro's teammate, the Saint, appears through the window, and breaks the gun. The Pro then proceeds to punch the man's jaw off. The Pro explains to her teammate that she has been using super speed to earn extra cash, and the Saint inquires what side job it is she is earning the cash for. She performs fellatio on him, and the Saint's condom bursts through the Pro's apartment window, striking a passenger jets wing, destroying it.

The Saint manages to save the passengers from harm, but he is wearing no tights at the time. This results in the League wanting to kick the Pro off their team, due in part to the Saint telling his teammates that he did not wish to participate in the act. However, before the League can kick her off the team, an alarm is triggered inside of the League's headquarters, and the League must defeat a group of terrorists that have taken refuge inside of a skyscraper. Their plan fails miserably, and the entire team, with the exception of the Pro and the Saint, are incapacitated.


The Pro and the Saint manage to save the team from certain doom, but a bomb is left behind by the terrorists. Performing one final act of courageousness, The Pro flies the device deep into outer space and is seemingly killed when the bomb detonates, however, her fate is currently unknown. The Viewer and his crew member watch the scene unfold in baffled disbelief.

The Pro VS The Ho

The story centers around the Ho, a twelve armed, superpowered prostitute. The Ho received her powers in much the same way that the Pro does, via the alien named Viewer, that orbits the Earth in a cloaked ship. Because the Pro has superpowers, she is able to perform her "duties" using superspeed. The problem arises when several of the Johns complain that by the time they relax enough to enjoy themselves, their "job" is over. In springs the Ho, talking sassy and very stereotypical of what people believe African-American women are like. The Ho challenges her competition to a fight for "taking her turf". The two fight, and the Pro knocks her into the river and eventually goes to save her because she screams that she is drowning and cannot swim. Once saved, the Ho begins to speak more calmly and more educated to the Pro. She tells her of how she did not ask for powers and that all she ever wanted to do was work with small animals as a veterinarian. The Pro gets an idea and takes the Ho to animal husbandry facility where she uses all 12 of her arms to "service" the animals and collect their sperm.

Powers Abilities

Super Hero?
Super Hero?
  • Invulnerability
  • Flight
  • Super Strength
  • Stamina
  • Attractive Female


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