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The Newest Book to Meet the BKV Standard

If you’re a comic book fan and you haven’t checked out Brian K. Vaughan’s newest work, The Private Eye, then what the heck are you waiting for? CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW!!! Best of all, you pay WHATEVER YOU WANT! That’s right, if you want to pay just a penny, then that’s all you need. It’s available in .CBR .CBZ and .PDF formats and English, Spanish, and Catalan languages.

Go here to get your download at:

From here on out THERE BE SPOILERS!!!

This story is set near the end of this century around the nation’s tri-centennial in 2076. The world has changed and privacy is considered one of the most important aspects of human life. Everyone seems to have a secret identity and they protect that identity with various costumes. Some wear plain masks to hide their faces, while others wear whole body costumes equipped with various holograms to completely change themselves.

Patrick Immelmann, or so he calls himself to his customers, we don’t discover his real name in this issue, is a Private Detective. He can hunt down the most private secrets about people, if they can pay his price, of course. Enter an intriguing young woman who wants him to look into her past to see what he can dig up. She’s trying to stay one step ahead of a potential employer.

Between his dangerous occupation and his deranged grandfather who reminisces over the good old days of iPhones and Facebook, this story lives up to the BKV standard.

As for the art, it’s done by an old friend of Vaughan’s, Marcos Martin. It’s clean and seamless. This guy was made for comics and I’m scratching my head right now wondering why I’ve never heard of him before.


I paid $3 of my hard earned cash for this book. How much did you pay?


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Needless to say (which means that I can still write it), this is fantastic.

I paid 0 $ `cause I don`t have Paypal. Should get an account soon.

You hadn`t heard of Martin before this comic?! Well, if you haven`t read some superior comics illustrated by him, from DC and MARVEL, I guess I can understand.

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I'm loving it!

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