The Powerpuff Girls #511

    The Powerpuff Girls » The Powerpuff Girls #511 - See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey released by Hanna-Barbera on March 18, 2004.

    A musical episode in which the Powerpuff girls got tired of fighting villains. They met a Gnome who gave up their powers as a ruler. The episode was originally going to be the finale but it got banned in the U.S.

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    All the villains are wreaking havoc at Townsville. The Powerpuff girls attempted to defeat them but got tired. They wished of a day of peace, love and understanding in Townsville. A Gnome gave the girls a deal: Give up your powers so the city will be fixed. The girls agreed on the deal. The Gnome talked to The Elders of Earth and Sea to cleanse villainy so the girls can become normal. The Gnome later took control of Townsville. The Professor warned the girls that the Gnome is against freedom. The girls made a discussion to the Gnome about opposites. The Gnome dissolves and the girls got their powers back. The girls say to the Townsville citizens to be themselves and have equal rights. They said it takes all kind people to make the world go round. The girls say to all the villains, "Why can't we all get along?" The villains agreed.


    • Townsville's Going Down
    • Rain
    • Give Up Your Powers
    • Normal Little Girls
    • Hear Me Fathers
    • Sunshine Down On Me
    • Best Day of My Life
    • Freedom Beef
    • Real Good
    • Why Can't We All Get Along?


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