The Power of SHAZAM! #1

    The Power of SHAZAM! » The Power of SHAZAM! #1 - Things Change released by DC Comics on March 1995.

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    Captain Marvel flies threw the sky of Fawcett. Marvel, fling over an election campaign of Sinclair Batson, where a big man appears, Ibac and presses a button and explodes the building behind Mr. Batson. The rubble falls to the floor and a girder almost falls on top of Mr. Batson only for Captain Marvel to save him. Marvel enters what's left of the building to save people who are still in there. Marvel, sees a man on the floor with a rubbish bin on him, he easily removes it from him. The the roof above them collapses and Marvel shields the man on the floor. As Marvel comes out from the rubble with the okay guy, he sees a man who dead in the rubble. Marvel, seeing away the man he saved from the building is approached by Sinclair Batson. Mr. Batson tells Marvel that he reminds him of his uncle. He hands Marvel an invitation to a party. Marvel takes the card and flies away.

    Elsewhere at Billy's apartment. Dudley is there to see, Billy. But meets the landlord. He is told that Billy is out.

    Captain Marvel lands, and turns back into Billy. Billy knowing he's late for school, runs. As he enters the school Dudley catches up with him, but Billy's principle catches him and wonders why he's late. Dudley covers for him and she lets Billy off.

    Ibac enters a room where he is paid for the explosion job by a women.

    Mr. Sinclair at a home, next to a sick, Ebenezer Batson. They discuss the plans for the future of Fawcett city to turn it into a major city.

    Billy leaving school and runs home. Billy at home and Dudley enters, but has heart problems. Billy goes outside to transform into Captain Marvel. Marvel, gets Dudley and takes him to the hospital. While taking him there, Dudley reveals that he knows Billy is Marvel.

    Marvel dressed up at the party he was invited to early during the week. He is tapped on the back and Beautia Sivana takes him and starts dancing with him. Marvel escapes and hides behind a curtain. Shazam brings him to the Rock of Eternity, to lecture him about wasting his 'power'. Marvel, arguing with Shazam tells him he has dealt with school, a job and being Captain Marvel for four years. Shazam thinking hes not taking it serious strips Billy of his powers and puts him back at the party, but as Billy.

    Beautia Sivana, pulls the curtain thinking it was Marvel and sees it is Billy. Billy being dragged out, finds a letter on the floor. Before he can read it its taken away from him. Then an explosion happens, Billy doing his best to help tries to transform, but can't. Shazam has taken his powers.



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    A New Spin on an Old Classic 0

    I absolutely loved this comic and I cant wait to read more. This comic has the feel of the old Fawcett comics but feels a little fresher. This is a Captain Marvel comic for a post Watchmen world. I can tell that the direction for this about character, fun, and allowing change which the old comics never really seemed to allow. I also love that it brought back Beautia Sivana it seems like now a days they have forgotten about her. I also loved how it had Ibac and the one time villain the Arson Fien...

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