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Josiah Power was a prominent U.S. lawyer until the Invasion! of Earth resulting in the detonation of a Gene Bomb, activating a large percentage of the metagenes in humans on Earth. His particular, mysterious mutation destroyed his legal career. Thus he formed the Power Company, a heroes-for-hire firm that was willing to do any super-powered job necessary - for a price. His new business firm was successful, having gathered several superpowered individuals to its ranks, and continues to take on business in the DC Universe. For a brief period Booster Gold was associated with Power Company.

Partners: Manhunter, Skyrocket, Witchfire

Associates: Bork, Striker Z, Sapphire, Firestorm

Support Crew:

Charlie Lau - Former employee of S.T.A.R. Labs in Hong Kong. Charlie now serves as the group's resident technical support specialist.

Raul - Pilot of the Company Car, the firm's multi-million dollar airship.

Silver Shannon - Josiah's personal assistant and former lead singer of the Maniaks.


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