The Polymath

    Character » The Polymath appears in 3 issues.

    The Polymath is a psychopathic villain from Absolution who has the ability to adapt to attacks.

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    The Polymath is a villain from the Absolution series. His origins are largely unknown but he harbors a hatred for John Dusk who briefly crippled him.


    The Polymath's powers is to adapt to things. Once something as harmed him his body learns to counter it. For example after being shot multiple times he became bulletproof, after jumping of cliffs he was eventually able to fly, by exposing himself to multiple injuries he gained a healing factor and so on.

    Saying what he exposed himself too. Also shows Lightning conjurtation
    Saying what he exposed himself too. Also shows Lightning conjurtation

    During the time of Rubicon between the comics, Polymath went and harmed himself with everything he could thing of. He said he walked infront of a Semi-Truck, stood in explosions, shot, stabbed, and hit by Military grade weapons.

    The powers he showed to have were:

    1. Super Strength: He could easily pick up and throw a bus without much effort. He could also throw cards around very easily.
    2. Invulnerability: Once he got shot, He became bulletproof, Once he got hit by an explosion he easily tanked having 3+ grenades exploding in his face with absolutely no effect. He was also able to tank a building busting explosion with no injury. He is also as durable on the inside as he is on the outside.
    3. Super Speed: He showed more speed then a regular human police officer.
    4. Flight: After jumping off cliffs a lot, Polymath eventually developed the ability to fly.
    5. Heat Vison: Unknown how he developed this power, His heat vison is enough to easily cut through buildings and destroy them with absolute ease. It was also able to easily cut through a car, and disintegrate people.
    6. Lightning Conjuration: After being struck by lightning, He became immune to it and developed the ability to shoot lightning out of his hands.
    7. Fire Conjuration: After being in Fire and Explosions, He gained the ability to emit fire out of his hands. He also showed the ability to emit fire out as an attack as a wide AOE.
    8. Poison Immunity: Polymath is immune to most poisons, but not all of them.
    9. Drug Immunity: After being put under by drugs, Once they took him off of it, They no longer worked.
    10. Suffocation Immunity: After being suffocated by John Dusk, Polymath no longer had to breathe.
    11. Healing Factor: After taking so much damage, His body developed a way to heal it all.
    12. Inside Immunity: It was stated that Polymath was as durable on the inside as he was on the outside.
    13. TP or Pre-Cog Immunity: Unknown to which one Happy Kitty has, Happy Kitty was unable to use her Pre-Cog or Telepathy on Polymath.
    14. Unknown Powers: Somehow, when Polymath was going to die because he was weakened by John Dusk by exposing him to a poison he had never took, Polymath could of unleashed a city wide destructive attack, but it would of taken him with it.

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