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The Demonic Siblings

Legendary to the pits of Hell and it's residents, The Phlebiac Brothers were created by The Dark Lord Malebolgia himself so as to help him bring souls to Hell and to test and train Hellspawn. The most well known of them is the infamous Violator who was arguably the most powerful of the bunch. The others include Vacillator, Vandalizer, Vaporizer and Vindicator and arguably a few others like Vertebreaker and Victimizer.

The brothers have had some turmoil between themselves and Malebolgia often finds himself breaking them up. In one of their fights Violator, The eldest of the brothers, had aid from Spawn who lent him some of his powers breaking Malebolgia's hold on him and allowing to once again turn back into his demonic form. He then fought his brothers upon his return to Hell. The brothers wanted to get rid of Violator "in the name of the family". Although they do fight a lot they do work together and have even manged to defeat Spawn and trap him in the Dead-Zone using him as an attraction named "Hellspawn Patheticus." Then they took over New York turning it into their own twisted circus... "The Phlebiac Brothers' Pandemonium Circus." Until Spawn eventually escaped and put a stop to them.


The Phlebiac also made in appearance in the Mutations Mythos. After Malebolgia's death at the hands of Spawn in issue 100 The Phlebiac Brothers were fighting over control of The 8th Sphere of Hell when they were interrupted by the call of their fallen master. Malebolgia asked them for help... Although he had much more sinister plans in store for them, tricking them into coming to his aid he orders Vaporizer to come closer, then to the shock of the other brothers he enters Malebolgia's mouth only to be eaten, then Malebolgia's voice forces the others to follow suit, all except for Vaporizer who tries to run but is caught and devoured. Ending all of their lives, Malebolgia absorbs their powers and gains their abilities, bringing forth the new body of Malebolgia.

other media

the Phlebiac Brothers Vandalizer, Vindicator, Vaporizer and Vacilator make an appearance on a Snafu Comic called Grim Tales which to make a long story short is centered on Grim and mandy's 2 children the Violator appears in the begining of the story with the intent on harming the siblings while in their vist to malebolgia to pick flowers and then Spawn comes to their aid and beheads him, the other four Phlebiac brothers encounter then at the last page of the series to get revenge on the three

im sure the kid can beat them.....hopefully
im sure the kid can beat them.....hopefully


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