kartron's The Phantom The Complete Series: The Gold Key Years #1 - Volume One review

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Enlarged art & pages with bigger panels and a cool Phantom intro!

  • This book is just fantastic collection of first 8 stories of Gold Key series
  • It has enlarged cover with enhanced colors!!!!!!!! SWEET!!!
  • The interior art is excellent. The pages have not only been recreated with rich glossy colors but also enlarged.
  • This book is slightly more in both width and thickness compared to any regular hardcovers that come out these days. However the length is a bit shorter than regular HCs. It is also bit heavier.
  • Unlike the other hardcovers, the art is there both on the dust jacket as well as the hard cover. So in case you loose the dust jacket, the book still has the exact same art printed on the hard sides!
  • It comes with an introduction to the legend, The Phantom in the beginning and an illustration of a couple of important art pieces. It has a sample old page - how it looked before and how it has been now enlarged - so that you get an idea on how this has been actually recreated.
  • Each story has the same art as Gold Key and starts with respective issue cover. Art is also exactly same as original gold key books but as I said is enhanced.
  • This is an excellent collectible book. Although the cover price seems on the higher side, $49.99 but you can get it cheap in Amazon or elsewhere if you can grab it on deals.
  • Hope this is helpful for those thinking of buying this book. If you are a Phantom fan, and even if you have the original gold key comic issues, this would still be a nice addition to your collection.
  • Going with 4.5 out of 5. The 0.5 is due to the high cost - but that can definitely be overcome ;)

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