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Return To The Tomb Of The Ice Giants!

The Phantom Stranger teases the tale about to unfold. Two Union Oil workers, Milt and Frank, are out checking the pressure gauges on the pipeline. Suddenly, the pressure drops to zero. Milt, and Frank, track the problem back to an enormous sword, embedded in the pipeline. Before they can fully react to the scene, they are murdered by an Ice Giant. Anthony Blake, a land surveyor, confronts Nicholas Stone, the foreman, over the disappearances of the two men.

Blake lobbies, on behalf of the environment, to shut the project down. Stone refuses. Blake furiously storms out. En route back home, Blake is caught in an earthquake, and pitched into a chasm. The Phantom Stranger rescues Blake, then disappears into the mist. At home, Blake continues his rant against Stone. Blake's wife, Carol, fails to calm him down. Blake confronts Stone. Another earthquake hits. Carol is imperiled by falling equipment. The Phantom Stranger rescues Carol.

In the aftermath, the booming voice of an Ice Giant can be heard. Stone is ordered to cease all operations or face death. To emphasize this last point, the missing men are revealed to Stone. They have all been flash frozen to death. Stone agrees to move the operation. The Phantom Stranger fades away. Stone reveals that he lied, and fully intends to continue laying pipe in the same location. Blake attacks Stone. Another earthquake hits. Blake, Stone, Carol, and the oil field workers plummet into a chasm.

Deep beneath the ice, they come face-to-face with the Ice Giants. The Ice Giants show the oil pooling in their domain. Oil that has been leaking from Stone's pipeline. Stone attacks one of the Ice Giants, but is easily repelled. All are imprisoned, save for Blake. The Phantom Stranger appears, and quickly releases the prisoners. Using a spell of diversion, the Phantom Stranger leads the prisoners past the guards, and out of the realm of the Ice Giants. Carol, though, insists on going after her husband.

Blake is discovered to be in league with the Ice Giants. Blake reveals that he will use any means necessary to save the world, regardless of how many lives are lost. Blake takes Carol hostage. Carol is rescued by an Ice Giant. The Ice Giants refuse to be Blake's pawns. Blake opens fire, triggering the collapse of the Ice Giant's realm. The Phantom Stranger gets Carol out safely, but Blake is lost. With the Ice Giants no longer a threat, Stone makes progress laying down the new pipeline.

"The Voice Of Vengeance!"

John Richards asks Doctor Terrance Thirteen, the famed Ghost-Breaker, to come to his aid. Richards is being tormented by the ghostly voice of his dead father, who accuses Richards of his murder each night. Richards leads Thirteen to the room wherein he hears his father's voice. Thirteen takes note of the loud creaking sound of the door. when it is opened. Thirteen searches the room for any kind of recording devices, but comes up empty. Thirteen hears the eerie voice.

To bypass the giveaway of the creaking door, Thirteen stealthily enters the room from the window. Thirteen discovers that the voice is coming through the radio. Thirteen turns the radio off, then follows the much fainter sound of the actual voice. The voice quiets as soon as Thirteen exits out the creaking door. Thirteen heads for the part of the house he heard the voice coming from. In a storage room, Thirteen is ambushed by the butler. Thirteen beats the butler into unconsciousness.

Thirteen discovers that the butler was using a walkie talkie, to transmit his muffled voice through the radio. Suddenly, Thirteen hears the voice of Richard's dead father again. Awoken by the voice, Thirteen's wife, Marie, investigates. Marie finds a tape recorder under the stairs. Richards' sister, Susan, sneaks up on Marie, with a knife. Thirteen disarms Susan, and reveals the whole plot to Richards. Richards begins angrily arguing with his sister. The case closed, Thirteen takes his leave.

Captive Of The Cat Curse

This story was originally published in House Of Secrets #60 (May, 1963). A plot synopsis for this story can be found at the link.



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Opening remarks:Way back in issue 8 we first crossed path with the Ice Giants, and now, thanks to man's meddling (the Phantom Stranger even says so himself), we find ourselves at odds with them again.Meat and potatoes:At first, this almost seems like a random issue that revisits the setting of a previous one for some unknown reason, but it turns out to be a somewhat thought provoking book about mankind's impact on the environment. We come upon an expedition team that's running an oil pipeline th...

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