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Having been destroyed by the Anti-Fate, the Phantom Stranger slowly coalesces back on the mortal plane. Police Commissioner James Gordon investigates a particularly horrific crime scene. Doctor Bruce Gordon makes note of a series of earthquakes, striking Romania. Dr. Gordon is troubled by the seeming rise of an ancient evil, he long thought put in his past. Natural disasters begin occurring throughout the world.

Tensions escalate between the governments of the United States of America and Russia. Jimmy Olsen tails a mob clerk to the Soviet Consulate, in Metropolis. Lycaon, Chosen of Chaos, preaches at the Temple of Divine Light, in Gotham City. The Phantom Stranger confronts Lycaon. The Phantom Stranger attempts to sway Lycaon's followers against him, to no avail.

A demonic figure appears over Lycaon, one that only the Phantom Stranger can see for what it is. The Phantom Stranger battles against the demonic creature. The Phantom Stranger, though, is quick to discover that his magics are useless against the Dark Lord. Responding to the sounds of commotion, Gordon, and the Gotham City Police Department, storm the Temple of Divine Light. Gordon guns the Dark Lord down.

The Phantom Stranger is astonished that Gordon's more mundane methods succeeded, where the Phantom Stranger's failed. The Phantom Stranger begins to doubt his cause. Dr. Gordon takes note of poisonous pesticides "accidentally" released into the atmosphere over New Jersey. Lieutenant Valentina Vostok, formerly Negative Woman of the Doom Patrol, loses contact with a field agent, called "Maverick".

At Eclipso's command, Maverick is put to death. The Phantom Stranger confronts Eclipso. The Phantom Stranger seems powerless to thwart Eclipso. Doctor Jenet Klyburn, of S.T.A.R. Labs, does not believe the seismic activity occurring across the world is a natural phenomena. Dr. Gordon, stone drunk, is thrown out of a local bar. Gordon, in the depths of despair, is approached by the Phantom Stranger. Dr. Gordon is offered an alliance to stand against, and thwart, the evil currently threatening the world.


  • "The Stranger Is Truther Than Fiction..." two page text piece by Paul Kupperberg.

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