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Review: Outsiders 39

Black Lightning is leading his team into Markovia in hopes to explung his and the teams criminal records. While Geo-Force is convinsing himself that he is doing the right thing.



I really love seeing Batman coming back, even if it is only for 2 issues. In this issue we see a lot of questions some readers have probably wondered. We learn who is behind impersination Tera into making Geo-Force go crazy. We also see a lot of question answered about what is Geode and a few other characters are attacking Markovia. I loved seeing Geo-Foce become one with the ground and he turns into a giant rockman. I though that was really cool. This issue also does something that very few others of this series does, it makes you wonder what happens next issue.



I've mentioned this before, but this issue it go to me. This is terrible art. I'm not ussually picky about the art work in comics but Keith Griffen's art really bugs me. This story arc is also very predictable. I knew that some threat would pop up and the two Outsiders teams would stop fighting and worry about the threat.(That doesn't mean that they are together because they aren't) In the end, I don't think this arc will be worth it.



I love the Outsiders and know the series is ending with a story like this... well I'm not sure I'm liking it. The introduce a villian who has been the cause of all these problems. I'm also worried about how they are going to wrap this arc up with only one more issue. I wouldn't get this comic. If you are fan of the Outsiders, then get it. I've stuck with the series from the beginning, one more issue isn't going to kill me.

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