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    Sadness has hit the Outsiders

    After the latest issues of Outsiders (Particularly issues 24 and 26) i was really hoping this issue wouldn't be what i feared, and unfortunately, it was.  Just by looking at the first page i could tell this book wasn't going to be what i hoped.  The art was lackluster and inconsistent (changing from artist to artist in the middle of books really grinds my gears, OUTSIDERS 25!).  I believe the art could've been better but  the change from colorist to colorist really buried the artistic aspect of this book into the ground.  Onto the story, i gotta say i wasn't impressed.  Maybe the art ruined for me, but it still didn't grab my attention.  Katana and Geo-Force really look like D*** Bags in this book, although i feel that's how Katana should feel but with Geo-Force's pouty attitude it really hinders the book.  Maybe a little craziness from Creeper would've been nice.  The end was a surprise but I'm not so sure if it's a good one, we'll have to see next issue how things work out.  I really hope things pick up next issue because if not, i fear it might be on my chopping block for books to drop, a teens gotta afford comic books and with that means sacrificing a book with less-than-adequate art and an angered and depressing story, although i love Dan Didio!  Outsiders number 26 gets an infuriating 2.5 out of 5.

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