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    Team » The Others appears in 46 issues.

    A mysterious group of heroes that Aquaman was once part of and all of whom are humans that wield the legendary Atlantean artifacts.

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    The Others was formed in the relaunch of the DC Universe as part of Aquaman's universe. They were created by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis.


    A group of remarkable individuals that have banded together with Aquaman in his war against Black Manta. At some point in time Aquaman brought them to the tomb of the first King to claim some Atlantean relics which he wants to use as bait to lure Black Manta.



    Artifact: Trident

    Arthur is the de facto leader of The Others. Initially not wanting to be a part of a team he soon warmed up, as warm as Arthur can get, to the idea of having other individuals with him. In their time together the team recognize him as leader bu frequently disobey him in favor of saving civilians over chasing Black Manta.

    Years after disbanding, Arthur's rivalry with Black Manta brings the team back together but it does not end well for all members. The Others find Arthur equally changed and still the same after their disbanding. After the Others reform, Arthur acts more as a reserve member to the group.


    Artifact: Teleportation Globe

    She host of the Panther spirit of the Amazon forest. Like Arthur Ya'Wara has a telepathic link with jungle cats and quite possibly with Arthur himself. She is proficient with a blade and is often aided by a couple of jungle cats.

    Ya'Wara makes Mera uncomfortable due to the telepathic link but it is later revealed that Ya'Wara had more of an interest in Kahina than Arthur. After the events of the first Aquaman Annual of the new series, Ya'Wara leaves the Others out of shame of betraying them to Morgan le Fay.

    The Operative

    Artifact: The Key

    The most tactical member of the Others, Operative seems to hold a grudge against Black Manta as much as Arthur. The most level-headed and secretive member, Operative operates despite his extremely advanced age. One might say that he is the Batman of this group.

    He dislikes magic and a lot of the unexplained. Arthur comments that the Operative didn't believe him the first time they met. After the campaign against Black Manta, Operative takes lead of the Others in keeping the Atlantean artifacts safe.

    • Aaron - Grandson of The Operative. He is part of the Others by association.

    Prisoner of War

    Artifact: Atlantean Manacles

    It is implied that the Prisoner is the only survivor of his company and suffers from severe survivor's guilt. He spends most of his time after whatever war in a mental institute. After Arthur finds him, he joins the outsiders but returns to the mental institute after the Others disband.

    During Black Manta's campaign against them, the Prisoner was trying to make peace with the families of his company but ends up scaring them instead. It is revealed that the Prisoner has suicidal tendencies and is often times seen as more than willing to die.

    Instead of returning to the mental institute the Prisoner is invited by the Operative to join him in keeping the Atlantean artifacts safe. Arthur also advises the Prisoner to really make peace with the families of his company. His name is revealed to be Dominick Torrez.


    Artifact: Atlantean Helm

    A product of the old Soviet Space Program, Vostok was engineered to thrive in the absence of human contact. After the fall of the Union though, Vostok was simply let go and made his refuge in the mountains where Arthur finds him.

    Despite his programming Vostok tries his best to stay human and seek human contact. After the first time the Others disband Vostok makes his refuge on the moon up until Black Manta's campaign against the Others.

    He returns in time for the final battle but becomes the last casualty. With tears rushing down and a smile on his face Vostok accepts his death knowing that he does not die alone but in the company of friends.

    After his death at the hands of Black Manta, Vostok-X reappears. Ya'Wara discovers him in stasis on a base on the moon, after being send there by his spirit. She frees him and when he wears his helmet he remembers everything. It is revealed that he is the strongest of four clones designed to be the ultimate cosmonaut, designated Omega. With the helmet he absorbs the other clones memories and reluctantly joins the Others. He currently helps them against KGBeast (whom he had trained with) and his group.

    Kahina the Seer (deceased in Aquaman #7 - The Others, Chapter One)

    Artifact: Seal of Clarity

    It is unknown how Arthur came across Kahina the Seer. Her early death killed (no pun intended) chances of exploring her past. What is known is that Kahina despite being an adventurer with The Others also had a family. In their time in the Others, Ya'Wara had fallen for Kahina but stopped her self out of respect for Kahina's customs and family.

    After her death, Sky adopts Kahina's artifact after speaking with her spirit.

    Sky Alchesay (joined in Aquaman #20 - Skinwalker)

    Artifact: Seal of Clarity

    Sky is a necromancer who can converse with the dead. Living on the Apache reserve she makes little contact with the outside world. She is in constant communication with the dead that the deceased Kahina manages to direct her to the Others.

    Under the leadership of the Operative she is reluctantly given the artifact once held by Kahina, with some help from Ya'Wara.

    Sayeh (join in Aquaman and The Others #6 - Alignment: Earth, Part 1)

    Artifact: Seal of Clarity

    Sister of the late Kahina, Sayeh became burdened with visions of the future after her sister's death.


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