The Orrery

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    Fully functional life-size clockwork solar system.

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    Created by writer Ian Edginton with artists D'Israeli and I.N.J.Culbard, The Orrery appears in the 2000AD series 'Brass Sun'.

    The Orrery is a clutch of planets, moons and asteroids orbiting a vast life-giving Brass Sun via immense metal spars, its origin and purpose long since forgotten.

    The once unified collection of worlds have regressed into eccentric fiefdoms and petty baronies. One such planet, 'Hind Leg', is ruled by religious dogma - it's rulers (led by Lord Archimandrite) believe the Cog is Creation, and any suggestion that the sun is slowing is treated as heresy.

    But for many, including Wren and Cadwallader, there's no escaping the truth that worlds are dying and something needs to be done before the ice claims all...


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