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The English Ministry of Management and Proper Accord comes under attack by the Orphan. It seems the Orphan is after the Greenwich Mean, a sword that prevented a crack in time which occurred during Germany's blitzkrieg on England during World War II. When the Orphan took control of the sword, time suddenly froze around him, Batgirl and Squire. Batgirl and Squire were unable to stop the Orphan from leaving the Ministry but Squire knew where the Orphan was heading to because Knight's tracking beacon just went off. The Orphan holds a jousting pole at Knight's head because he doesn't want Knight interrupting his plan which is bringing the Greenwich Mean to its origin and unravel time for his own reasons. Squire takes out Orphan's men who he fondly calls "Urchins" and Batgirl smacks the sword out of Orphan's hands. The sword could no longer tolerate the Orphan's abuse of its powers so it sent the Orphan down a time slide and the Orphan is now lost within the space time continum      

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