The Order

    Team » The Order appears in 13 issues.

    The Order is a group of Spider-Man allies that came together after they all experienced a prophetic dream of Spider-Man's death.

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    Current Roster

    • Madame Web (Carpenter)
    • Spider-Woman
    • Spider-Man (Morales)
    • Ghost Spider
    • Spider-Girl (Corazón)
    • Silk


    After a number of spider-themed heroes had a similar dream of Spider-Man's death at the hands of Norman Osborn, they teamed up at the urging of Madame Web to save him. She believed that the Web of Life was trying to warn them of a great danger to Peter Parker.

    Major Story Arcs

    Last Remains

    The Order watched over Spider-Man during his fight with a supernaturally enhanced Sin-Eater under Ravencroft, however, they were concerned that he was teaming up with Green Goblin. With Sin-Eater bested and Spider-Man in peril, Obsorn took the opportunity to finish him off. Just then the Order swooped in to save Spidey, leaving Obsorn for Sin-Eater to find. As they made their escape through the Hudson River, demons possessed the members of the Order and forced them to fight Spider-Man on orders from Kindred, the demon controlling Sin-Eater.

    When the team was let loose on the Queensborough Bridge, Spidey was forced to make a deal with Kindred to release them. The now not-possessed team was rounded up by Black Cat and brought to the Sanctum Santorum to accompany Doctor Strange into Spidey's dreamscape to locate him. They find Spidey at Kindred's cemetery, where Madame Web shares her clairvoyance with Sin-Eater long enough to find out Kindred's true intentions. Knowing the truth, Sin-Eater commits suicide. It was too late, though. Kindred was able to capture them and force them to witness the reunion of Peter and Harry Osborn (possessed by Kindred), as well as Obsorn and Kingpin capturing Kindred in a darkforce prison.

    The team decided to stick together considering the Ravencroft inmates that escaped during Sin-Eater's attack and the suspicion that Spider-Man would still need looking after.


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