The Operative

    Character » The Operative appears in 38 issues.

    The only member of The Others who never went into hiding, the Operative has deep connections with nearly all government agencies.

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    The Operative was created by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Others

    The Operative is a member of Aquaman's first team, the Others. When Black Manta went after his former teammates and started killing them to obtain their Atlantean artifacts, the Operative helped reunite the group and fight back. He tracked down Manta's hideout and provided the base of operations for the Others, the flying fortress known as the Living Room.

    Powers & Abilities


    The Operative manipulates almost every military across the globe by posing as the "nameless secret agent working for every side".


    Despite his advanced age the Operative is still able to engage in combat as well as go out into the field. His agility and stamina are above normal humans. He can dance around multiple trained henchmen and keep on fighting after being shot.

    Espionage Expert

    The Operative is a very experience agent (being active even when the Others were disbanded) and a very capable fighter. He was able to find Black Manta's hideout and take out a team of his henchmen.

    Weaponry & Equipment

    Operative's Suit

    The Operative wears a special suit that contains wrist mounted weapons, grappling hooks and other equipment that help the Operative on his missions.

    The Living Room

    The Operatives special plane. It can reach hypersonic speeds, contains equipment and tech from the Others and serves as the Operative's mobile base of operations.

    The Key

    The Key are one of the seven Atlantean relics crafted by the first king of Atlantis. It is potentially indestructible, like all the other relics, but it's main function was not meant for combat. The Key had the ability to unlock any vessel that is sealed.

    Other Resources

    The Operative has amassed great wealth through his long career and can replace his resources easily, such as employing a new high tech yacht as a base when his plane is destroyed.


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