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20 Months Till the End                                                                                             
The opening recounts the situation in the United States following Evil Ernie's rampage just prior to his breaching of the Mississippi wall and goes on to state: Aportal to Hell will open in Las Vegas and Lady Death will return to earth in agony, Suspiria will die, Lucifer will return to earth, Bedlam will suffer as well, Purgatori will corrupt and run amuck and Homicide & the Crazy Babies will form an unlikely union. 

May 1st 1998 

Venice Beach 
Two men on the beach see an object fall into the sea and watch as a beautiful, naked, blue, woman walks out of the ocean and changes to a more natural colour with no memory of who she is. 
Sunset Strip 
Voodoo Childe, an orphan and mystic walks the strip, a vision told her to come to L.A. where she finds evidence of sacrifices being performed. 
Boyle Hights 
Oblivia is DJ'ing a set when her ex bursts in and threatens her with a pistol. She lays him out with lightening reflexes and her face contorts into vampire form.  Later that night she gets into an argument with Vex and Childe.
Ventura Califonia 
Police are on a bust for a drug runner, who is a werewolf and escapes in wolf form. 
A Hostel of Sunset 
The naked woman meets Chile and is informed that her name is Vex. 
South Central 
Carcass is in his element, the gang filled streets, he relates how he was reborn as part of Operation Crippler by Dr Price but escaped and now wanders the streets of L.A. he is following Vex and Childe and reporting back to The Savior.
Elysian Park 
Gallows receives a disk containing the names and information on this disparate group of people. 
The Savior commands Serendipity and Slaughterhouse to do his bidding and bring Vex & Childe to him.


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Mixed Omens of Things to Come. 0

As with other reviews I've done I will review all 5 issues of this arc, especially as it is a very important arc in the Chaos Comics universe and is tightly scripted, leading into the bigger Armageddon arc that it preludes. The Covers  The covers were not what I'd come to expect from Chaos Comics at that time. They seemed crowded with characters that I didn't recognise and somehow less crisp and engaging in their subject matter. I was drawn to Chaos by the gripping covers of Lady Death and Purga...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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