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The Omegas are the last of their kind whom are survivors from when Lobo attacked and enslaved their people. The Omegas consist of three individuals, Their de-facto leader is Primus (a powerful telekinetic), Kalista whom is a spellcaster and powerful illusionist, and Tigorr who is a Karnan, which is a beast like predator with razor sharp claws and impressive physicals.

The Omegas were hired by director Maxim (the director of the prison) to work with Zealot, and Deathstroke to hunt down Lobo. They start their hunt for Lobo at the maximum security prison in Colorado that Lobo escaped from. They end up on Lobo's spacecraft called "The Ark" to collect a contract for his removal, but also to stop Lobo from blowing up the Earth. Together, The Omegas, Zealot, and Deathstroke succeed in their task.

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