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    Great mix of political thriller, team up story and social commentary.

    I picked up The Omega Men: The End is Here after a recommendation from a friend after expressing my liking of Tom King's new Batman run. I didn't really know what i was getting into when i picked up the TPB, other than the author and the fact that Kyle Rayner played some sort of role. What i definitely didn't expect was the amount of social, political and religious commentary involved, masterfully woven through an action packed story with lovable characters. I found myself loving the characters more and more as i read on, especially Broot, Scrapps and Doc. While the political statements get a little heavy-handed towards the end, it didn't hinder my enjoyment of the book whatsoever. Would highly recommend the book to anyone looking for something with a little depth. Also worthy of note was the fact that the book really isn't Kyle Rayner and the Omega Men, as it may seem judging by the cover and his status within the DC universe - he takes a back seat for the start and comes into the story just enough to not outshine any of the others. Overall, a great read, pick it up soon!

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