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    Maxwell Lord, now Black King of Checkmate, hijacked control over Batman's satellite, the Brother Eye. He then proceeded to use the OMAC nanobot sleeper agents across the globe under the control of the satellite in an attempt to erradicate all Metahumans on Earth.

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    Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle, dies investigating a conspiracy that leads him to discovering Max Lord is the Black King of Checkmate and actively conspiring against the metahuman community using a spy satellite called Brother EYE. After killing Ted, Max continues to work his agenda against metahumans using his OMACs, normal people who could unknowingly be transformed into powerful soldiers via nanotechnology.

    Sasha Bordeaux, Max's Black Knight, loses what trust she had in him after Ted's death and passes information to Batman, who is the actual creator of Brother EYE. Batman quickly comes to realize he has completely lost control of the satellite while Sasha realizes how far Max is willing to go when he assassinates the other Royals of Checkmate to take complete control. He imprisons Sasha Bordeaux for her betrayal along with Jessica Midnight, the former Black Queen's Knight, and steps up his plans early due to Batman getting too close.

    The Snap Heard Around the World
    The Snap Heard Around the World

    Max reveals that he has spent time quietly intruding upon Superman's mind and now has the ability to control Superman. He uses Superman to brutally attack Batman and then Wonder Woman, only for Wonder Woman to snap his neck in order to free Superman. Though Max dies, Brother EYE continues on now as its own master and begins unleashing OMACs in force.

    News of Ted's death spreads, provoking the surviving members of the old Justice League International team to reunite and investigate how and why he died. Booster Gold, Fire and Guy Gardner soon find Martian Manhunter and Rocket Red in battle with OMACs. Rocket Red sacrifices his life defeating them.

    Sasha finds herself transformed into an unique kind of OMAC and retains her free will. She takes control of Checkmate's resources and together with Batman, coordinates a two-pronged counterattack on the OMACs that eliminates the majority of Brother EYE's OMAC army. However, Brother EYE still manages to retain around two hundred thousand OMACs.

    As planned by Batman, a team of superheroes locate and destroy Brother EYE. However, its remains fall to Earth and are salvageable, which could include Max's detailed intelligence on the identities and weaknesses of Earth's superheroes. Organizations all over the world converge on it, including what's left of Checkmate now controlled by Amanda Waller. Sasha heads them all off at the requested of Batman, accessing Brother EYE's remains and causing it to self-destruct. This results in her shedding most of her OMAC skin and leaves her only partially transformed.

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