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The O'Dares are the children of the original Starman's policeman ally, Billy "Red" O'Dare (who only appears briefly in the series, aiding Starman against the plot of the Prairie Witch, and died due to liver problems caused by drinking). Each of them has inherited their father's red hair, and have joined the police force to carry on the family tradition and to protect Opal City. In the fulfillment of this commitment they come to the attention of the new Starman, as they also consider themselves indebted to Ted Knight for saving their father several times. All of them are: Clarence, the Opal City Police Commissioner, Hope, a top detective, Barry, the prodigal child, Matt, the brave, sacrificing hero, Mason, the beat cop with impressive agility and strength. Due to marriage, another O'Dare floats around, Faith, Clarence's beloved wife.

Starman Annual #1 indicates the O'Dare family survives into the far future as the 'Dares'; noted for law enforcement on a far-off planet ruled by the beloved Shade.

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