The Newcastle Crew

    Team » The Newcastle Crew appears in 12 issues.

    The group of characters involved in the event at Newcastle, which made John Constantine become mentally unstable.

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    The group including John Constantine and his friends who were involved in an influential event in Constantine's life in Newcastle, California. When visiting the Casanova club, where Constantine's band Mucous Membrane debuted, they find many slaughtered bodies inside and find the owners daughter alive, but freaking out.

    They eventually find out that the Norfulthing, a Terror elemental, has caused all of the carnage, and decide to fight it. Benjamin Cox, one of John's friends wanders off in the building and is found being attacked by the Terror elemental while he trys to takes its picture. Frank North temporarily scares it off with his shotgun.

    Constantine then summons a demon to take care of the Terror elemental. He thinks his spell has failed and curses the man he bought his spell book from. The demon appears in another part of the room where Anne-Marie and Astra are sitting in John Constantine's form and seduces Anne-Marie. He then reveals his true nature and Anne-Marie jumps out the window. Astra then walks into the room where John is trying to conjure the demon,calls for the Norfulthing, and slaughters it when it appears. John than realizes the demon has possessed Astra and commands him to leave her body.

    The demon leaves the body but says he is taking Astra to hell as payment for his assistance, which he claims was not deserved do to Constantine's incorrect way of summoning him. The demon pulls Astra to hell and Constantine, who is still holding on to her, is pulled along. He tries to attack the demon with a blasting wand he has, but it turns into a snake. John then escapes hell still holding onto Astra's arm, but the rest of her is still in hell. After this event John goes insane and is commited to the Ravenscar Asylum.


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