The New Warriors #45

    The New Warriors » The New Warriors #45 - Child's Play, Part 2: Sleeping With The Enemy released by Marvel on March 1994.

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    Continued from X-Force # 32. The New Warriors officially join the Younghunt when Justice decides to deliver Firestar to Shinobi Shaw. They must put up a fight first, because other members of the Upstarts want Firestar, too. In Madripoor, Siena Blaze confronts Karma, Empath, and Moonstar. Meanwhile, the Gamesmaster watches the game play out. Story continues in X-Force #33.


    The Gamemaster awakens the three mutants that have already fallen victim to the Younghunt: Cannonball, Boomer, and Magma. He explains that the Younghunt is a game in which the Upstarts compete to see who can get the most surviving New Mutants and Hellions.

    In Manhattan, Night Thrasher explains he and Justice's plan on infiltrating the Hellfire Club. Some of the teammates are pretty mad that they were led to believe that Justice had abandoned them, but talk soon turns to whose costume is better, which leads Speedball to have a conniption fit that ultimately changes his costume. The team is brought back to reality when the Tribunal attacks.

    In Madripoor, Moonstar and Empath fight off some dock thugs as they search for their old friend Karma. Siena Blaze has the same idea and shows up, but she is quickly neutralized by Karma's mind-controlling powers.

    At the New Warriors' pad, the team begins its fight with the Tribunal. Each team member gets a chance to introduce themselves to the opponents and the fight finally ends when Justice returns to his team. The Tribunal troops all flee. Justice apologizes to Firestar about deserting her but then immediately asks her to give herself up to Shinobi Shaw as one of his prizes in the Younghunt. Night Thrasher agrees with Justice because he wants to find out how to get at the Gamemaster, the man behind the Younghunt, and giving up a valued teammate is the only way to do it. Firestar reluctantly agrees.

    Justice delivers Firestar to Shinobi in Tokyo. Shinobi, secure in his home's anti-telepathy security, freely tells Justice that he'll use his help to overpower the other members of the Upstarts, as well as the Gamemaster himself, to become the sole winner of the game.

    Gamemaster, however, is not regular telepath and is easily able to listen to Shinobi's plan and he is none-too-pleased. Just then, Siena pops in with three more targets: Empath, Moonstar, and Karma. She claims the lead.


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    Really, Fabian? 0

    I hate the New Warriors. I hate that they had an arc with my X-Force. My big beef: the New Warriors are too hipster-ish for me. Smart lines and cool looks; flashes in the pan. The levity/seriousness dichotomy has got to go. Four pages are devoted to witty remarks about costumes and getting laid, then someone has the gall to say something like: "But seriously, folks, people are trying to kill people." That is the segue into the actual plot of the arc we're in? I don't buy it. Even when I read thi...

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