The New Warriors #31

    The New Warriors » The New Warriors #31 - Ruins released by Marvel on January 1993.

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    The New Warriors must deliver the news of the slain Hellions to Magma and Empath. An emotional eulogy follows.

    Warpath, Cannonball, and Firestar go to Nova Roma to tell Magma and Empath about the deaths of the Hellions. Soon, everyone, including Magma, find out the lifestyles of the citizens of Nova Roma (and it's history) have all been a lie; and this act was done by Selene, and when she was gone, Empath took the role of tricking people into living fake lives.

    Note: Firestar gets a new costume.


    After fighting through rough jungle terrain in Brazil, Cannonball, Warpath, and Firestar finally reach their destination: Nova Roma. Having arrived, Cannonball expresses worry that Magma was unable to return any radio messages. Before they can enter the city, Roman soldiers attack the trio. Firestar saves Cannonball from a spear just inches from his face. Warpath dives into the fight and Cannonball begins bowling soldiers over. Before long, the fight is over and Empath and Magma officialy welcome the three to Nova Roma.

    Back home, Nova is out on a date with Laura Dunham. Their banter is casual and she teaches him how to properly read Chinese fortunes - simply add "in love" at the end of every one. As their meal ends, Laura asks if he'd like to split the tab. He refuses her offer and then realizes that he won't have enough to cover the meal. As she pulls out her wallet, Nova realizes that he needs to start making money.

    In Brazil, a feast begins for the Nova Roma visitors. Cannonball asks about the communications in the area and Magma acts as if she had no clue that anything was wrong. Empath, however, states that it was his fault, as he should have been able to fix such a thing since he is the only technically skilled person there. Firestar then relates why the three have arrived. Cannonball had called her to tell her about the death of the Hellions by Trevor Fitzroy. They decide to visit Empath and Magma, the only other Hellions left alive, to tell them in person. Empath notes their troubles and appreciates telling him so that he and Magma can mourn their friends. Magma tries to speak, but Empath cuts her off and gives off a creepy vibe, as if he is talking for her. He then asks if the trio will be leaving in the morning. Cannonball reluctantly affirms it.

    That night, Firestar begins snooping around Nova Roma to find out why she's getting such an odd vibe from the place. It's not long before she runs in to Empath, Magma, Cannonball, and Warpath. Empath has control over the minds of his associates and plans on taking Firestar down with their help.

    Off in Connecticut, Speedball learns that his parents are getting a divorce. Speedball leaves the house and meets up with Rage. They rave about some cookies and Rage admits that he's heard nothing on Silhouette. He does mention, however, that he's learned that their base is bigger than they'd thought. He shows Speedball some schematics; the base goes another five stories underground.

    In Nova Roma, Firestar does her best to ward off her four attackers. She maneuvers around Cannonball and tricks him into barreling in to Warpath. She moves closer to Empath and he starts to get skittish. Empath explains that since Firestar has gained more control over her powers that he can't control her like he has the others and her microwaves are starting to short out the hold he has on everyone. Before long, the hold is broken and the citizens of Nova Roma, as well as Cannonball, Warpath, and Magma, awaken from an Empath-induced slumber. When pressed, he admits that Nova Roma is a farce. Selene, the immortal mutant, founded it and cast a spell on the inhabitants so that they wouldn't remember where they came from. Seeing the spell weaken and the people beginning to realize they didn't belong, Empath chose to keep the ruse going by taking control of their will. Empath then tells Magma that she, too, is not who she's thought. Instead of being Amara Aquilla she is really a British girl named Allison Crestmere. Seeing the hurt on everyone's faces, Empath agrees to help them all regain their old lives.

    Back at the X-Mansion, Cannonball, Warpath, and Firestar meet to pay their last respects. Warpath hands over the official file for the Hellions. They walk away from the file as Firestar's microwave powers burn the folder.

    Later, at Namorita's, Firestar looks for a new beginning and finally lets Namorita design a new costume for her. After rifling through tons of clothes, a costume is made.



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    Magma--- ExPoSeD 0

    This issue was very interesting, especially for the mutant Magma...Basically Cannonball, Warpath, and Firestar go to Nova Roma (Homeland of Magma) to tell her about the deaths of the Hellions, but yeah that's not the problem when they get there......... At the end all of them (including magma) learn that Nova Roma is a lie and never existed like that--- it was all from Selene's fun play........Overall this issue was pretty interesting especially for learning that Magma has a fake past! And also ...

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