The New Titans #51

    The New Titans » The New Titans #51 - Who is Wonder Girl? Part 2 of 4 released by DC Comics on December 1988.

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    A Titan called saves Phoebe as she dies by entering her body and he tells her how Zeus killed his father Cronus and the Titans were banished. They traveled to the moon and created a new haven, called New Cronus which Donna now remembers living on. They wanted people to worship them and Rhea, Cronus' widow procreated with aliens nearby, producing demigods. The demigods hated each other and Rhea was distraught that they might die out, and was in search for new gods to replace the Titans - called the Seeds. Rhea searched for Donna Troy, and there, she became a new goddess and was to become a new Titan. Rhea dies from the search of the Seeds, but the new ones arrived and were named after Greek cities - thus "". The new Titans are given powers and trained together, stripped of their memories. But Sparta remembers the truth and tells all and conquer the planet. then sends out the aliens that attacked the Titans Tower. They travel in "travelspheres", which are like white balls that can be held in a hand and the Seeds are killed and the Spartans now rule. The Titans send Phoebe out in three parts, to contact the last three Seeds. Only the third one makes it. Before Phoebe dies, she reveals that Donna Troy can control the travelspheres that attacked and that they must rescue the last two seeds. The Titans then take the travelspheres to look for the two Seeds. At a planet, they see aliens attacking running in front of a figure but the attackers are quickly destroyed. The figure, who is a white furry creature wearing a protective suit and enters the travelsphere. In there, he meets Donna and remembers his past on New Cronus.



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    The Children of New Chronos 0

    I´m a big fan of mythology and the way Wolfman told the story about the origin of life for the Greeks, then created a bridge throught the mythology to his fantasy plot was awesome, just incredible. Marv utilizes the Greek mythology to explain Donna´s past and he did a great job, because he used all the good concepts of the myths, like love, treason, war, procriation, and shaped them into a new story, like a second degree of mythology: in the beginning there was only Uranus and Gaea, who had 11 s...

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