The New Titans #0

    The New Titans » The New Titans #0 - The Changing Order released by DC Comics on October 1994.

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    A Zero Month crossover issue. Arsenal, with the government backing of Sarge Steel, creates his new team of Titans. Their first mission is to take out agents of the mysterious Crimelord, led by Slagg and Coven. Changeling discovers two of their bases, but can barely fight the Demon Seed inside of him, and jumps into action early. The other Titans arrive, and destroy the Crimelord’s operations. Arsenal and Sarge Steel show the New Titans their base of operations, including their orbital satellite. The Titans prepare for a new chapter in their history, but Changeling still remains troubled. Meanwhile, Nightwing gives Sarge Steel his approval of this new team, and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner returns to Earth with an unusual passenger in tow.


    • "DC Universe 20" one page Zero Hour advertisement featuring the front page of the Daily Planet with the headline "Zero Hour for Earth?"

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