"The New Teen Titans" Terra Incognito

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    A new super-powered teen has shown up; her name is Terra, but is she friend or foe?

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    The Story

    Tara Markov assumes the identity of Terra with her ability to move earth. She is first found by Changeling as she is causing chaos to the city. She does not want to harm anyone, but she does what she has to in order to get away. When she shows up a second time robbing a bank, she is stopped by Changeling and brought back to the tower.

    Terra reveals that her parents have been kidnapped and the only reason why she is committing crimes is for her parent's release. Terra joins up with the Titans to save her parents, which will soon lead to her joining the Titans. There are some dark secrets uncovered about Terra later on in the story.

    Issues in Story Arc

    New Teen Titans issue #26: Prologue

    New Teen Titans issue #28: Terra in the Night

    New Teen Titans issue #29: First Blood

    New Teen Titans issue #30: Nightmare!

    New Teen Titans issue #31: Inferno!

    New Teen Titans issue #32: Thunder and Lightning!

    New Teen Titans issue #33: Who Killed Trident?

    New Teen Titans issue #34: Endings . . . and Beginnings!

    New Teen Titans Annual issue #2: The Murder Machine


    The Brotherhood of Evil containing Houngan, Phobia, Warp, Plasmus, Monsieur Mallah, and The Brain.

    Brother Blood

    Thunder and Lightning


    Deathstroke the Terminator, also known as Slade Wilson.

    Sub Stories

    Robin is helping Adrian Chase bring down Anthony Scarapelli, a mafia crime boss. Scarapelli brings in a hit squad to bring down Chase and the Titans.

    The Brotherhood of Evil has come to capture Raven in order to learn the secrets behind Brother Blood's cult. The Brotherhood attacks Titan's Tower to capture Raven and when they get her, they torture her into telling them the secrets behind Brother Blood. Each Brotherhood member uses their power to torture Raven and they create the most unbearable torture sequence.

    Thunder and Lightning appear in one of the issues when they come looking for Second Lieutenant Walter Williams. Within their search, they cause destruction to the city, which causes the Titans to attack back in return. The brother's search for Williams is a life and death situation for them. Unfortunately, the story is not completed because only the first issue that features Thunder and Lightning has to do with the Terra story arc, so it is not complete.

    The body of Trident is found dead in the ocean. He had been killed with his own weapon and this leads to a murder mystery sub-story in the story arc.

    There are two Titans that find themselves under the stress of the job. Wonder Girl is having a hard time keeping the team together. Everyone has something to complain about and she can hardly stand it anymore. These thoughts that she is having leads to thoughts of leaving the team. Kid Flash is also thinking ofleaving the team. Their last run-in with the Brotherhood of Evil almost made Raven kill him. He no longer trusts her and believes that she really wants to kill him. He does not realize that Raven was under Phobia's power.

    Kori is worried about her relationship with Dick. He has been short tempered with her lately and she thinks that it is something that she did.

    Victor goes over to Sally's for New Years Eve, but finds one of her old collegues, Mark Wright, at the apartment. Sally is out at the time and they get to talking. Mark says that they have been engaged for a year and Vic leaves in anger and sadness.

    Terry proposes to Donna.

    Hero Cameo's

    In issues #29-32, Speedy makes an appearance at the tower as a surprise visit, then ends up helping them fight the Brotherhood of Evil. He plays a comical role in each issue hitting on almost every woman he sees, being rejected by all of them.

    Frances Kane returns to the Titans to find Wally. Her telekinetic powers have returned, but that is not what she wants. She finds Wally, scared about her powers, and wants to know if she can get rid of them. Her arrival is conveniant, though; moments after she arrives, the Brotherhood of Evil attacks. She is able to help only momentarily because she finds herself not to be as brave as all the other Titans.

    At the beginning of issue #33, Aqualad is the one to discover Trident's body while sweeping the Ocean.

    The Animated Series

    The Terra storyline is the main premise of Season 2. The storylines are somewhat similar, but there is a difference in Terra's background and her time spent with the Titans. They also emphasize more on the love relationship between Terra and Beast Boy.

    Thunder and Lightning are in the season 1 episode, "Forces of Nature."

    The Brotherhood of Evil is the Villan Group in Season 5.

    Comic Credits

    Marv Wolfman- Writer and Co-Creator

    George Perez- Penciller, Original Series Cover, and Co-Creator

    Romeo Tanghal- Inker

    Pablo Marcos- Inker

    Adrienne Roy- Colorist

    John Costanza- Letterer

    Ben Oda- Letterer

    Todd Klein- Letterer

    Collected Editions


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