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The New Mutants were playing, with the Amazonian forest as a substitute Danger Room. Psyche used her power to convince Wolfsbane that she was chilling out in a miniature snowstorm, and Cannonball accidentally slammed into an ancient tree. They briefly contacted Professor Xavier, but there was no news about Karma and the Professor returned to training Team America.

The kids decided to return to the boat they'd been travelling on, but Psyche decided to swim across despite Cannonball & Sunspot's protests. On the boat Castro poured a bucket of sludge into the water to stir up the pirañas into a feeding frenzy. She temporarily distracted the shoal of carnivorous fish with a nightmare until Cannonball flew across the river, tearing her out of the water, over the boat and crashing into the opposite shore. There a small group of Amazonian native girls briefly attacked them, but Psyche fought them off. However, Cannonball had caught one around the waist and they took her on the boat for questioning. Back on the boat Castro and the captain eased a small revolt about carrying dangerous children. Mrs DaCosta inspected the Amazonian girl's belongings which originated various countries in South America, and included a modern knife.

Meanwhile back in Rio De Janeiro Emmanuel DaCosta was unimpressed with Castro's report and Sebastian Shaw's offer to join the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. They discussed the business plans that Mr DaCosta had for the Maderia before he invited a group of prostitutes in for some gentlemen's entertainment.

Back on the river the captain pointed out the Maderia mountains that were only a day's journey away. He explained that their route was crucial as the wrong turning down the river would lead to dangerous rapids. Wolfsbane ventured below deck where she caught Castro beating the Amazonian girl. She transformed into a wolf and he ran away in terror. Despite the lack of English communication between them the girls exchanged names as Wolfsbane untied the ropes; the girl called her "Rain" and called herself Amara. Wolfsbane then began to sob as she confessed that the terror on Carlos' face reminded her of the fear and hate she had faced in Scotland. When Wolfsbane went back on deck to inform the captain of Carlos' behaviour, she found his dead body with an arrow in his back. Carlos then struck her from behind.

When Wolfsbane regained consciousness she found herself with the New Mutants, Amara and Mrs DaCosta locked in a cabin. Sunspot broke through the door, but it was too late; Carlos had already murdered the captain and set course for the rapids. The boat plummeted down a waterfall and Cannonball flew Psyche to safety. However, Sunspot was unable to reach his mother and was only saved from drowning by Cannonball. Wolfsbane found a rock to cling on to, and held on to Amara's arm. As the water pulled Amara underwater it washed off her make-up. Instead of a dark tanned black-haired Amazonian native she was a white girl with blonde hair. Amara then gasped out some English to Wolfsbane, who was shocked and angry since it meant that Amara had understood her tearful confessions back in the cabin. Cannonball returned to carry the girls to dry land where Sunspot had to be restrained from running back into the water to find his mother. However the moment was interrupted as a troop of Roman soldiers arrested the New Mutants.

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