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Note: This is the first full appearance of Legion, whose character was first discussed one issue before, in New Mutants 25.

On Muir Island, Tom Corsi was lifting weights that were twice the weight of the world record. He and Sharon Friedlander discussed the pro's & con's of their new Native American bodies when they received a distressed telepathic call. They ran into David Haller's room to find the boy floating face-down above his cot. Items were racing around the room, blocking off any route of escape for them. As they began to consider how unfair life had been to them (first the Demon Bear, and now this) the room exploded.The following morning, the blackbird landed on Muir Isle. Moira MacTaggert greeted her lover, Banshee, followed by her adopted daughter Wolfsbane and half of the New Mutants team (Cypher, Mirage & Warlock). Mirage was amused to find Warlock thanking the blackbird for transporting them across the world, while Cypher was excited about what their next adventure would be. Inside he gave Jamie Madrox a hearty handshake, accidentally creating a duplicate of Multiple Man. Meanwhile, Professor Xavier examined the lifeless, but unharmed bodies of Tom Corsi & Sharon Friendlander. His examination was cut short by his reunion with Gabrielle Haller. She showed him her son telekinetically playing with Multiple Man and asked for the Professor's help. However, she refused to confide in him, the true nature of his relationship with David.

Back in Snow Valley Massachuetts, the White Queen telepathically punished Empath for leading Thunderbird (see Warpath) & Firestar in an assault against the X-Men (see events in Uncanny X-Men #193). He caught her with his power to make her love him, but she had faked the whole scenario. Instead she threatened to break his neck, and placed telepathic blocks inside his mind that prevented him from accessing his mutants powers.

In the Scottish town of Ullapool, the New Mutants were having trouble convincing Warlock to stay in disguise. He continually forgot and even absorbed the life glow of a passing seagull. Mirage panicked that she might have caught his transmode virus, but was soon put at ease. Their peace & quiet was shattered at the bigoted protests of Reverend Craig. He was at the head of a local mob, demanding that Wolfsbane remove herself before her devilish presence doomed their local community.

The Professor could sense Wolfsbane's distress, but was on the Astral Plane facing a brick wall surrounding David Haller's mind. An Arabic face appeared over the bricks, but the Professor was unable to understand what this new being was trying to communicate. He was then violently rejected from David's mind, moments before he, Moira MacTaggert and Gabrielle Halller were telekinetically hurled out of the room. David remained alone, sat upright, laughing at his victory over the Professor.

Meanwhile in the Bermuda Triangle, Lee Forrester woke in the middle of the night to discover various objects floating around the room. She ran to Magneto's chamber to discover his bed about to float out of the window. Pouncing on the bed she woke him while they were floating above the rocky shore. The surprise caused him to temporarily lose control over the flying furniture. After safely landing on the shore, the pair began to kiss and made love while being sprayed by the violent sea.

Back on Muir Isle, Professor Xavier apologised for his inappropriate behaviour years ago when Gabrielle Haller was his patient. She reassured him that no apologies were needed, but she still refused to confide her secret about David's parentage. As they compared David to Moira's son, Proteus, Wolfsbane snuck out of her bedroom to visit Moira MacTaggert. She was still shaken by the events in Ullapool, so mother & daughter hugged. However, the moment was interrupted by the telepathic appearance of the Arabic face inside David Haller's mind. The event was followed up by another fiery explosion, seemingly destroying Doctor MacTaggert's lab.


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