The New Mutants Annual #7

    The New Mutants Annual » The New Mutants Annual #7 - Pawns of Senescence released by Marvel on August 1991.

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    KINGS OF PAIN PART 1 New Mutants vs. New Warriors? The super-powered teams find themselves face-to-face after they discover a shared connection to the Alliance of Evil. Who will stand victorious with so much at stake?

    "Pawns of Senescence"

    The Alliance of Evil has been on the move for a week. They are attacking areas linked to Genetech, a company trying to pioneer the next wave of DNA manipulation. The New Mutants enter the scene to find two new members of the Alliance, but are unable to apprehend them. Clues point to Genetech and Cable leads a strike force against the facility. They aren't the first team there, however, as the New Mutants come face-to-face with the New Warriors. Continued in New Warriors Annual #1.

    "The First Cut"

    Freedom Force has been sent to Kuwait in an effort to transfer a German physicist, Reinhold Kurtzmann, to allied forces. Things seem too easy until another group manifests its intent to deny Freedom Force their objective. Continued in X-Men Annual #15.

    "Close Encounters of the Mutant Kind"

    Artie, Leech, and Wiz are kids doing kid things, but kid things can lead to people getting the wrong ideas, and the wrong ideas can lead to police intervention.

    Note: Two errors were made in this issue. 1) The spine of the book incorrectly says "New Mutants Annual 17." It's the seventh. 2) The New Mutants Organizational Chart states that Sunspot returned to Argentina to run his father's business. Sunspot is from Brazil. And it's not known if Sunspot actually went back to South America, as he's next seen in New York at the start of the X-Force series.


    This book takes place after New Mutants 100 and before X-force number 1, making it the only issue in witch the team is fighting with their newest teammates Domino, Feral, Warpath and Shatterstar under the name New Mutants.


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    The Last New Mutants Book 0

    For the most part, this annual was well done.  The first story is the main event, the beginning of a four-book crossover.  It's told well enough, but the best part is the drawing.  Not all of it, mind you, but it does have its moments.  When Cable briefs the team, that's a moment.  When the New Mutants whoop on some Genetechs, that's a moment.  So, no complaints about the first story.  The second story deals with Freedom Force and it is also a crossover.  The art is much better in the sense of c...

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