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Continued from Fantastic Four Annual #23! Franklin Richards is all grown up, and with him comes trouble.

"The Once and Future Mutant"

Continued from Fantastic Four Annual #23. Franklin Richards shows up at the demolished Xavier's Mansion and reconstructs the building to what he knew in the future, including dream duplicates of his future team of New Mutants. Unknown to Franklin, however, is that the current time's New Mutants are training downstairs and a throw-down is imminent. Franklin is again confused and leaves, as his father arrives with Sue Storm, young Franklin, and Banshee. Respite is brief, as a hound of Ahab and some mechanical drones attack the group. After a quick dispatch, the New Mutants and Co. confront older Franklin at a museum. Sentinels from the future attack and Franklin (both old and young) sees that his powers are dangerous. The elder disappears yet again, but only after locking younger Franklin's powers so that the future that the older Franklin knows won't come to pass. Story continues in X-Factor Annual #5.

"Tribute the Second"

Doug Ramsey is dead, yet this doesn't inhibit his feelings for Rahne Sinclair, nor does it stop her from having feelings for him.

Two art pieces are included in this annual by Rob Liefeld. One is a possible future team of the New Mutants and the other is a Cable solo shot.

Note: Even though the cover says this issue is 3 of 4 in the Days of Future Present story arc, it is to be read as the second story.


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Let Down 0

Don't get me wrong, the annual isn't a bad read; when you follow the excellent Fantastic Four annual, well, this just pales in comparison.  The main story takes some interesting twists, as older Franklin manifests the New Mutants of the future.  Can you say Doug Ramsey?  This book can.  In the future?  Indeed.  Besides this confrontation, nothing really jumps out in the story.  Rictor gets some moral attention but this ultimately leads to the tedious introspective thoughts that take up more than...

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