The New Mutants #99

    The New Mutants » The New Mutants #99 - The Beginning of the End Part Two released by Marvel on March 1991.

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    Everything is changing. With another New Mutant down, Cable begins his search for the soldiers needed for war. Warpath seeks revenge, Feral needs protection, and a mysterious man lies on the Danger Room floor. Will they be able to answer Cable's call? With Cannonball and Boom-Boom all that's left of the team, Cable hopes so.


    In the Morlock Tunnels, Masque and his cronies track a young mutant named Feral in hopes of getting her to join them. Feral, though looking like a furry animal, refuses to join. She escapes the tunnels and Masque intimates that she's gone to a place in which the Morlocks have some prior beef.

    Cable sits down with Warpath in a cafe and offers him a spot on the new New Mutants team. Warpath is reluctant. The two part ways with an understanding the Warpath knows where to find Cable if his mind is changed.

    Back at the mansion, Gideon tells Sunspot that the DaCosta business now belongs to Sunspot. All the boy needs to do is leave the New Mutants. Gideon leans heavily on the point that things are changing. Sunspot agrees. Gideon secretly smiles at the prospect of taking Sunspot from the school.

    Boom-Boom and Cannonball alert Cable to Rictor's absence. They want to go after him but Cable states that Rictor is on his own. He chose to leave. Enraged, the young mutants demand to know Cable's angle. He simply states that nobody owes Rictor anything. Cannonball storms out, followed thereafter by Boom-Boom.

    In Arizona, Warpath arrives at his home in Camp Verde to find it completely destroyed. A Hellfire mask lies on the ground. Warpath promises revenge on Emma Frost.

    Sunspot finds Cable in the library and informs him that his father has died. Cable understands; his father died when he was young, too. Cable grants some leave but Sunspot states that he may not be coming back. Cable is unaffected and Sunspot storms out. Cannonball can't believe how ambivalent Cable appears. The two have a glorious yelling match in which Cable maintains his position that he's trying to get the young mutants to fight in a war and he can't worry about people who can't commit to the cause. Cannonball rests his position by stating that he'd hoped Cable had found some consolation from the pain of his past with the charges of the present.

    Meanwhile, Domino and Boom-Boom work out together. Domino tries a little bonding but Boom-Boom is a little hesitant. Domino explains that Cable is trying to give the young mutants a reality check so as to be prepared for the battles to come. Boom-Boom can appreciate that angle, though she doesn't like it.

    Later, the team bids Sunspot goodbye. He's gone too quickly. Inside, Warpath shows up and pledges himself to Cable's cause as long as Cable will help get revenge on the Hellfire Club. Cable agrees. In the shadows above, Feral wonders if she can make that deal against the Morlocks.

    In the Danger Room, a mysterious man lies on the floor.



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