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This issue takes place after the events of Days of Future Present.

The New Mutants are to meet someone in Madripoor. Their arrival, however, seems to have been known beforehand because a trap is in place. The fight is almost overwhelming but Sunfire comes to the rescue. As their contact, he informs them that Stryfe has a biological weapon and must be stopped. The New Mutants split up in hopes of finding the Mutant Liberation Front's hide out. The airborne group is confronted by members of the MLF while Cable's group runs into Wolverine. Neither encounter ends well.


Cable and the New Mutants arrive in Low Town, Madripoor to a welcoming committee of mercenaries. The team was supposed to meet a contact from the Japanese government, so a fire fight was a little unexpected. Fortunately, their contact arrives and helps the New Mutants take out the opposition. Cable welcomes Sunfire and the two agree that someone is watching them closely. Having no need for further secrecy, the men take the New Mutants to High Town. Elsewhere, General Coy, the chief among Madripoor's crime lords, is notified by Stryfe that the operations in Madripoor will be overseen by his personal cronies: Sumo, Kamikaze, and the Dragoness.

In High Town, Sunfire alerts the New Mutants to his problem: someone is using a drug called Sleet to poison water in Japan. He had tracked the operations to Madripoor. Likely, Cable had tracked the Mutant Liberation Front to Madripoor. Teaming up was an obvious solution. Cable hands out mini-Cerebro sets so that the New Mutants can split up. Cable keeps Sunspot, Rictor, and Wolfsbane on the ground and sends Sunfire, Warlock, Cannonball, and Boom-Boom on aerial reconnaissance. (Boom-Boom rides Warlock.)

On the ground, Sunspot tries to talk to Rictor about the inferred problems with Cable. Rictor tells Sunspot to mind his own business. When Sunspot tries to talk to Wolfsbane about it, she tells him the same thing. Back in the air, the recon team meets with the Madripoor MLF team. The battle is fierce. Sunfire notices that the Dragoness has a similar intensity to her solar powers. Cannonball and Warlock discover how to contain Kamikaze's power. In the end, however, Stryfe arrives and hits the New Mutants with a paralysis ray. He then tells them that he's going to release Sleet in multiple locations and that he will hold the mutants powerless until they decide to help him. Stryfe breaks the mini-Cerebro unit so that Cable can't find his charges.

Cable's squad notices that the other team no longer registers on the mini-Cerebro. While the young mutants worry, Cable assures them that their friends are resourceful and should be able to handle any situation. He notes another problem. Wolfsbane switches to her wolf form and Sunspot powers up, but it's Cable who takes the charge. Sunspot watches in horror as he realizes that Cable is engaging Wolverine in a fight. He also realizes that there is nothing that he can do to stop his two mentors as they tear at each other. His worst realization, though, comes as he realizes that the men recognize each other and that knowledge only seems to fuel their fight.



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Tiring of a Simonson 0

I don't know how many times I'm going to mention it, but Louise Simonson's writing just isn't for me.  There are just too many inner monologues.  For instance, Sunspot may feel like he'd take a bullet for Cable but I don't think a long pros-and-cons analysis is necessary to convey this right before the climax.  Danger is on the doorstep; this crap should already be conveyed.  The time for action is just that.  This discretion is forgivable, I guess.    This issue does have a plus-side in the fac...

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